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Hair style in trend
Hair style in trend
9.Top Bun:

Though buns made with medium length hair on a regular basis cannot be very tidy, it surely makes one look elegant and hassle free. You need to loosely gather and pin up the hair and you are sorted for the day.

10.Natural Waves:

This is the simplest and least demanding of Indian hairstyles for medium hair. The hair is worn loose in natural looking waves and it works with just about any outfit. This pretty hairstyle can be achieved with the help of a curling iron, if you’re into hair styling appliances. It can also be achieved naturally with regular braids done on wet hair. For a more tighter hold you can apply gel or mousse to your hair before plaiting them. This helps them stay in good shape before and after. It is a look that can be worn on any given day.

11.Fish Tail Side Braid Hairstyles:

Don’t be fooled by the looks of it. A fishtail braid is rather simple to do. You can go casual with it or wear it with your early morning work attire. It looks beautiful and can be done in a matter of minutes. Wear it to the side for a more elaborate look or go Bohemian style by gently pulling the braid apart with your fingers to ruffle it up a bit. It works perfectly with a middle or side parting or a loose puff worn high on the head. It makes a cute Indian hairstyle for medium length hair.

12.Poker Straight Haircuts:

When all else fails turn to poker straight hair to save you from repeated bad hair days. It’s one of the best Indian hairstyles for women with medium hair who can’t seem to figure what to do with their hair. All it requires is a hair straightening iron, 20 minutes of your time and you’re good to go. If you don’t want to go through the everyday trouble of straightening your hair, permanent hair straightening is a better alternative for maintaining silky, smooth straight tresses for a longer period. It’s one look that never seems to go out of fashion.