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Hair style in trend
Hair style in trend
6.Full Length Curls Hairstyle:

When you have to go out without a prior notice and have very little time to devote to the hair, this hairstyle is a life saviour. All you need to do is use rollers on the hair and then go about dressing up. Before leaving, open the curlers and tidy up with a thick comb.

7.Low Messy Bun:

This bun is made in a fancy way by pinning differently from the front and a messy bun at the back. A formal touch is given by adding fancy hair pin accessories.

8.High Ponytail Hairstyles For Girls:

High Ponytail is perhaps the most common and well suits everyone. If making the hair manageable for the entire day is important, this should be the first style on your mind. To looks neat, formal, smart and causes minimum damage to the hair.