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Summer fashion trend
Summer fashion trend

It’s that time of the year again when the heat outside drains us out of our energies and we prefer the comfort of the indoors. Air-conditioner becomes our best friend and we will settle for anything chilled or fruity. But not anymore! With these fashionable summer essentials we now have a reason to step out and brave the Sun. Bring it on Sun God, we say, we have the fashion gods on our side. Well, go ahead and scroll down and grab your right to say “Nah, not this summer” to your awkward looking attire drenched in sweat.

1. Crop top:

So ladies just between us, we all know we love to show some skin once in a while and now we have a very valid reason to do so – crop tops are in and by the looks of it they are here to stay. From Madonna in “Lucky Star” in the 80s to Britney Spears in “Baby one more time” in the 90s and now Rihanna, the crop top has made quite a few appearances. But it’s in the Spring Summer’13 trend catalog that we see the many variations of the crop top, variations that make the crop top people friendly rather than just Popstar-friendly. The best way to pair a crop top is to wear it with a high-waisted skirt or a high-waisted trouser thus keeping the baring to a sophisticated minimum. Freida Pinto is screaming summer in this cropped halter-neck top and matching high-waisted skirt.

2. The Sundown Lass

When the sun has finally stopped chasing you all around, you can stop shielding your legs and arms from sunburns and relax in a short dress. Also, as it is springtime, there is nothing better than blooms and blossoms to liven up your ensemble, especially when floral is so in trend.

So, be it for an evening date or a girls’ night out, after a sun-drenched day; hop in to breezy skater/ shift dress in deep shades with a bright floral print. You can let your hair down in this rig-out, throw on a pair of pumps and wear some bright eye-make-up, as the atmosphere finally simmers down a bit.