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Jewelry fashion trend
Jewelry fashion trend

We don’t know what will happen next on the scope of world politics, the economy, let alone the unraveling of our personal lives and the prospects of our careers. Regardless of what’s in store for us, we will still wake up, brush our teeth, shower and get dressed. Day in and day out, we will open our closet and stare into it for what feels like an eternity, trying to figure out what to wear. We put on our best attire and head out the door.

Some of us may hesitate and come back inside or take that extra time in the morning to rethink our fashion choices and deliberate on enhancing ‘the look’ with the right jewelry. That being said, this article is for those who like to stay ahead of the game with the latest and upcoming trends. I cannot promise to hit the nail on the head with my forecast, but what I can promise is a glimpse into the trends of jewelry and where the currents are likely to take them next.

So I’m going to make it easy for you. Whip that credit card out and prepare to hit the stores.

Here it is.

1. Crystals

Statement necklaces with crystals. I am a proud detective, for this trend is the one most likely to flourish into something extraordinary. I will not say much about this one, because I can’t wait for you to see the 2016 jewelry trends from the Swarovski designers team. Coming up shortly in one of the following articles. It’ll inspire you to become a jewelry designer yourself.