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Hair style in trend
Hair style in trend

Most of us are fond of long hair, but not all are blessed with long and healthy hair, so we have no option but to keep it at a medium or short length to maintain them in proper shape and desired texture.

Medium length hair is surely more manageable than long hair. It can be styled in various ways as suitable for the occasion without having to run to the salon all the time. Here are some easy ways to style medium length hair, without spending too much of time and money. Read on for what might suit your hair and face the best.

Top Most Medium Length Indian Hairstyles With Images:
1.Untidy Side Braids:

This messy side braids gives a very soft and delicate look. Messy side locks also add to the sensuality. The hairstyle is suitable for all types of hair and face shapes. You can also add a floral touch to give a formal look.

2.Half Up Half Down Curls:

This is a beautiful formal hairstyle for medium length hair. Curls add a lot of texture and bounce. Hair from front is pinned on the top of crown, and the rest from below are pinned neatly giving a ponytail effect. Accessorising makes the style rich and elegant too.