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Main And Major House Construction By Vastu. | वास्तु के अनुसार गृह निर्माण !

Main And Major Home Construction By Vastu

2. Suppose there is a complete building built in North portion of the house touching the boundary wall and the south portion is vacant. Please do it:

  • (i) Build highest flooring level in south with a slope towards north, north-east, east.
  • (ii) Build rooms of highest roofs in south.
  • (iii) Build one more room in south-west above the top most flooring of the house. Such that south-west must be highest.
  • (iv) Please leave no space vacant in south-west.
  • (v) The building must touch the west and south wall, even the boundary wall may be used as walls of the room only in south-west.
  • (vi) All the doors in south and west must be closed. There must be no window / door / ventilator in south-west, south and west. Even a pipe hole must be closed.
  • (vii) Please demolish the north-east corner, by making it of the lowest level and open for air and light.
  • (viii) You may instal in north-east windows / doors / ventilators / zals / moghs / holes of square or round dimensions in each and every floor to get benefits from north and east.

Air And Light In North-East Portion Is a Must For Financial Incoming Profits In North Zone Side.

You may build any basement/well borewell/biggest underground tank in north-east portion towards north wall. The wells, borewell, underground water tank must not touch the east, north, north-east walls and diagonals. The south-west room may/may not touch the south and west wall. It gives a source of finance, money and incoming sources. Never build the north boundary wall, while the construction is going on. Building north boundary wall is a closure of construction.

Flooring and Roofing level must be highest in south-west and slope towards north-west. Flooring must be lowest, highest and open in north-east with a drainage of rain water/sewer/nalilmori/pipe etc.

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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