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Some vastu remedies for your home

Nowadays, life has become so hectic in metros and, especially in the NCR, that it is just impossible for anyone to construct a house, as there is very little time to be had for supervision of the contractor. Financial constraints also force people to live in flats.
Often, people face various problems like financial crisis, ill health, emotional turbulence, etc. It is believed by vastu experts that these maladies are a result of the ignorance of vastu principles and their application in one’s home. It is believed that vastu defects may be solved through changes in the rooms, placement of objects and rearrangement of the interiors.


Doors should be facing east and should open inside so that energy may remain inside. Grease the hinges of the doors regularly. The total number of doors should be even for each floor but the count should not end with a zero. The shape of doors should be rectangular and one must avoid square doors.

There should be no water body in front of the entrance door. The east is of greater value in vastu as the sun rises in this direction. This direction brings prosperity, positive vibrations and wholeness in life. East is the direction, according to vastu, that cleanses, energies and purifies all existing creation. So, this direction should always be kept open, ventilated, and clean to let the sunrays enter the house without any obstacles. Stairways of the house should be to the south, west or southwest.


The ancient Indian scriptures also stress upon a regular lifestyle and enjoin people to wake up early in the morning, so as to soak in the early morning sunrays, which is considered immensely beneficial to the body.

It is believed that the room earmarked for daily worship must be in the east or northeast direction. Experts say that locating this room in any other direction may cause a loss of concentration and perturb the minds of the family members. All idols and photographs should be facing east or west. While praying, it is advisable to face either the north or the east. If your bedroom doubles up as your worship place, your head should face towards east while sleeping.

East is a good location for the study room too. Vastu experts recommend students to face towards north, northeast or east, while studying. Likewise, the study table should be placed in south or west. Bookshelves should be positioned in the southwest side of the study room.

Living rooms, media rooms, bedrooms and rest rooms are best located in the west. Beds should not be put under a beam. To avoid health problems, vastu practitioners say that one must not point the feet towards the room’s door while sleeping. For stress-free sleep, it is believed that one must always point the head towards the south. In the living room, television can be placed in the southeast.

Overhead water tanks, washrooms and toilets are supposed to be located in the west. It is believed that this direction is governed by Lord Varun and ruled by Lord Saturn, so it is related to water; also, it is the direction where the sun sets. Underground water tanks, boring and swimming pools are not supposed to be located in this direction. The right place for underground water tanks, tube wells and swimming pools is believed to be the northeast direction.

It is believed that the toilet room should be located mainly towards west or south and it is contrary to vastu principles to construct toilets, washrooms and bathrooms in the east, as it is supposed to contaminate the solar energy.

Do not construct storerooms and generator rooms in the east and northeast direction. Southeast is the place for generators, kitchen and other fireworks. It is believed that if the kitchen is in northeast, it would inhibit affection among family members. Vastu principles recommend the use of red stone as a kitchen slab.

Keep northeast direction of the house and all the room well lighted, clean and clutter free. Do not hang the mirrors on walls in the west or south, as it is believed that they would reflect back the positive energy.

One can hang the family photos on the west wall so as to receive solar energy. Do not keep broken mirrors in the house. Mirrors can be placed on the north or east walls.

Nowadays, vastu advisers and vastu masons are easily available. They can assist you in making your environment soothing and harmonious in conformity with the vastu principles.

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