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Vaastu science: Positioning of chair at work

More often than not, Vaastu Consultants will advice you to place your office chair in such a way that you face towards the North-East. North- East is called Ishan Kaun in Vaastu Science and it is understood to have the qualities of both the North and the East.
Now imagine that if the North-East in your office is a brick wall. Will you like to face a dead wall? Imagine further that there is a window in the North-East and there is a door in the opposite direction that is South-West; if you place your chair in the South-West zone with a view to facing North-East, it will again not be correct since there is an opening behind your chair which will lead to a sense of insecurity and surprise for you.

Let us paint another picture. Let there be a solid wall behind your chair and let there be a window in the North-East but there is a window in the North-West as well and this window gives you a view of the pleasant greenery and moving traffic ; would you avoid the window in the North-West which gives you a more energetic view just to adhere to the principle of facing North-East as per Vaastu?

If you do so, you are working against the common sense. Let us imagine one more scenario. If the entrance to your office is either left or right to your chair, there is a solid wall behind your chair and there is a North-East window as well in front of your chair which provides you a very pleasant view, will you accept this situation? No. The reason is simple. The entrant to your office will have a look on you first as he is entering your office from your left or right side.

But the necessary requirement is that you should have a first look on the entrant rather than the other way round because the advantage of a fraction of a second which you will thus get will provide you an opportunity to read the body language of the entrant. In view of the aforesaid, can we describe a Placement, Vaastu friendly, which otherwise goes against functional requirement and aesthetic sense?

an Vaastu concepts be illogical and against reason and common sense? No. If we go through the ancient treatise of Samrangan Sutradhar, Mansara, Sthapatya Veda and the Maya Mattam, we will find that a Vaastu advice is a synthesis of space, time, individual, geometric axis and geo magnetic axis. Therefore, to say that we should always face the North-East while sitting in an office is grossly incorrect.

With a view to giving out a definite and unconfused plan of aligning the chair of the head of the office, we will have to set out the necessary requirements and the order of priorities in which they are to be adhered to. The first requirement is that your chair should have a solid wall behind it.

The second requirement is to place your chair in such a way that you get a look of the entrant first rather than he having a look on you first ; this requirement has a sub section as well and that is that line of sight collimation should not be direct. It means that your chair should not be directly opposite to the entrance; it should have an offset, howsoever little it may be.

The third requirement is that you should have preferably a pleasant view of the surroundings, traffic, water bodies and the greenery from your sitting position. We will also club the necessity of having adequate circulation area and freedom of movement in this requirement. The fourth requirement is that if there are more people sitting in the same office, the chair of the head of the office should be towards the South-West of the chairs of the sub-ordinates. The fifth and the final requirement is that you should face North-East.

These requirements are in the order of priorities in which they have been mentioned. It can readily be conceded from the aforesaid that facing North-East gives additional benefits only after the necessities of having a solid wall behind, an energetic view in the front, a preferential look on the entrant and an adequate circulation area have been met with.

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