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Vastu Principles for a cash box | नकदी बॉक्स के लिए वास्तु !

Vastu Tips for Cash Box


It is a fact that Cash Box must face East or North or north-east. There will be no problem in arranging, managing, earning and attracting finance. There will be no shortage of money. Money problems will be solved. Finance will be arranged for business. The members of the family will enjoy riches and sources of income.

Before creating any shortage of money, the money will be arranged all of a sudden.

CAUTION :- The Cash Box, Tijori must not face directly to the gate, such that while opening the almirah-goods, currency notes, jewellery etc., must not be seen by the outside goers and the air and light of the gate.

It must be in such a way to avoid the powers coming and going through the gate. It must be at a distance to the gate. It gives more attraction of money and business.

The Treasury, Tijori, Cash box Almirah must never be in north-east portion of the house and centre of the house. It must be on the west or south wall. It must never be in Money Prone Area touching the wall.

Money Prone Area= Financing Zero Tolerance Area. Here, the finance, money and jewellery is kept away or looted all of a sudden.

Money Prone Area = Zero Tolerance Area for Finance = Money Rolling Out Area = Portion of Negativity = Loss Area.

Never put/have Treasure in this area, it brings losses, thefts, dacoity. It destroys the income, money, cash all of a sudden.

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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