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Vastu Advice For Toilet And Bathroom

According to the favorable conditions toilets should be in east/north in the lowest flooring. It brings Dhvaja current waves in the house. If toilets are built in south/west, it must be of highest platform flooring.

Please keep one thing in mind, that you must use commode/toilet only facing north/south. You should never face east/west while using toilet.

Toilets only disturb the heights and flooring of the four corners of the building. So, please avoid toilets in the corners.

You may build south-west corner of the building. Always keep the commodes facing North or South so that one can sit facing south or north, it makes life comfortable and free of dangers.

This type of sitting avoids the bad effects of Sun power element. Neither one can cheat/deceive him. Nor he will cheat/deceive any personality. It is a guaranteed aspect given in Indian mythology. Avoid toilets in corners say SW, SE, NW, NE corners.

Some effective Vastu Tips for architecture of the toilet includes:

  • Toilet seats should ideally be placed in either South to North directions or West to East direction
  • The doors should be either in the North-East or East walls
  • Mirrors should be placed on the North or East walls only
  • The toilet walls should be painted in lighter hues and not warning colors like red and black

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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