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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
Almost-Nude Bollywood Babes

These women would happily take it all off if it weren't for that pesky censor board

If it weren't for the pesky censor board butting its prudish nose into Bollywood's business, we'd see a lot more of these hotties than we do now. These women are beautiful, sexy and of course, happy to bare as much skin as they possibly can in their films. It's a crass cry for attention, but we want more all the same.

So we can always hope and pray. In the meantime, here are five lovely ladies who (almost) went nude in their films.

Almost-Nude Bollywood Babes

Bipasha Basu

By now we all know that this babe has excellent potential and booming assets. She is also willing to show off this God-given talent for the legions of men who'd give an arm or more to see her in the buff. The good news is that she's mentioned in the past that she'd be OK with nudity if a script calls for it.

We know she's not bluffing, as she has come close to revealing it all on a few occassions. Anyone remember a certain movie called Jism?

Here's hoping there is an occasion big enough for her to finally take that extra step!

Almost-Nude Bollywood Babes

Mallika Sherawat

Would you, for even a second, doubt that this dazzling damsel wouldn't go nude on-screen? If so, you clearly have no idea about her lack of inhibitions. When it comes to showing skin, she has been pushing the Bollywood envelope since her very first movie. And in every movie since.

We salute this maverick spirit of hers, and look forward to her getting desperate enough to take it all off soon. After all, we know what she did the last time she wanted attention--she kissed her co-star 50 times or whatever it was in her debut film!

Now if only we could do something about that voice of hers...

Almost-Nude Bollywood Babes

Neha Dhupia

If there ever was a Bollywood actress bold enough and, more importantly, hot enough to reveal her body, it's Neha Dhupia. This former Miss India has appeared in numerous provocative scenes and photo shoots that leave very little to the imagination. If ever Bollywood were to allow the occassional nude scene in its movies, she'd be one of the first to jump on that bandwagon.

However, until such time we'll have to make do with movies like Julie where we at least get a vague sense of her anatomy!

Almost-Nude Bollywood Babes

Amisha Patel

Just like so many other Bollywood actresses willing to strip, Amisha Patel has had to live with doing a semi-clothed bathing scene, a topless photo shoot and a raunchy love song with Sunny Deol! That's not all we want from some with such a catty attitude and a show-it-all spirit. Also, a foray into nudity is just the breath of fresh air she might need to hit the spotlight once again and to outshine younger talent.

We just hope and pray that the geriatric ghouls of the Censor Board get some sense and let Ms. Patel have her way on screen. She's apparently producing her own movie now, so maybe that's the impetus she needs to get her kit off and debut her birthday suit!

Almost-Nude Bollywood Babes

Shilpa Shetty

It's the same ol' story--willingness meets lack of opportunity! This leggy beauty would've pranced around in her birthday suit (artistically of course) had there been enough leeway. We have all watched countless songs and photoshoots of hers since the mid-90s, where she's appeared in oufits that would make a lingerie model blush.

Unfortunately, the horse has probably bolted on this one. Now that she's married, we doubt anyone except Mr. Moneybags Kundra (and if rumours are to be believed, at one point--Shane Warne) will get to see her naked.

Almost-Nude Bollywood Babes

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