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Bridal Lingerie for the Indian Woman

Over the recent years, Asian Brides are taking control of their wedding arrangements from venues, flowers, catering and down to the very last detail.

Most importantly choosing and designing their bridal outfits with designers from UK to India/Pakistan. But it’s not just the bridal outfits Asian women are taking care and attention off, but also what’s behind the chollee (blouse).

Just like brides from our western counterparts, lingerie is becoming a very important aspect of detail for British Asian brides preparing for the ‘big’ day.

It’s not just about enticing the newly married husband on the wedding night (which does matter!) but making sure the fitting of the outfit is enhanced with the right lingerie.

Over thirty years ago in the UK, Asian brides were not into lingerie. The simple Punjabi suits and Saris could hide a multiple of sins and also it was not the done thing.

But today, lingerie does matter, and it is important to make sure it is perfect and shows the bridal outfit off in its full glory.

Sarbjeet from Hounslow has been married for twenty five years says:
"In my day it didn’t matter what you wore underneath. Guests were more interested how much gold you were wearing. My sister’s daughter is getting married early next year. She’s already looking into underwear for the ‘big’ day. Immediately I thought this was for the wedding night, but she educated me that it’s not just about the ‘Wedding Night’ but how well her outfit will sit giving a smooth and perfect finish."

Amrit from Windsor who marries soon says: “I have been planning my wedding for the last 9 months. I flew out to India and met a designer from New Delhi. My bridal outfit is very traditional with a modern twist. Not giving too much away it is very fitted.”

“When my outfit arrived I tried it on with just my normal underwear. I immediately noticed that I had the wrong bra and panties on. The blouse did not fill out the way it should, and my VPL (visible panty line) could be seen from the lehnga skirt. I did panic, but did take time to find the right underwear which complemented my outfit and I know it will also please my husband,” she added.

Like Amrit, many Asian brides can panic about this. Choosing the right lingerie can take time and should not be rushed or left to the last minute.

If you are opting for Western bridal gowns, these, tend to be one piece, so you are spoilt for choice of lingerie underneath, such as corsets, stockings and suspenders. Lingerie is easier to conceal, giving a smooth and even finish to the wedding gown to compliment the outfit fully.

Whereas, Asian bridal outfits, are usually made of two pieces, so getting the right kinds of lingerie, styles and colours, requires more attention.

A strong suggestion is to take your Asian outfit to a lingerie specialist. This can save you time and money in the long run. It is a good idea to add this to your ‘to-do’ list for your wedding. The cost of the service is not huge and is worth it.

Marks & Spencer’s, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Harrods, John Lewis all have lingerie departments with specialists to help on occasions like this.

Rigby & Peller’s manager in London says: “We have many brides coming to us with their bridal requirements. We have seen a rise in Asian brides coming in discussing their concerns.”

“We had one client who did come in with their Asian bridal gown. It was breath taking to see such a magnificent gown with colours and crystals used. It made me even more determined to make sure that the right lingerie is advised so the outfit can fit better,” added the manager.

The blouse at the top of an Asian outfit is an important visual point. So your choice of bra must show off your assets and sit smoothly under the top part of the wedding outfit.

The bra needs to be fitted well and such that it enhances the breast (not too much or too little) under the outfit. It should not be so tight that it pinches the skin. No bride wants to feel uncomfortable and have pinches of skin showing.

The bottom part of most Asian bridal outfits is the skirt – Lehenga. As these tend to be designed quite tight fitted and made of silk mostly, you want to avoid the VPL from your panties to be on display in front of guests on the big day.

Regardless how slim you are, if you are wearing the wrong panties it’s not just the VPL that will be on full display but pinches of skin will also peak through the bottom of the skirt giving an unattractive look of excess skin.

An alternative to try is a thong because a thong will definitely help conceal the evident VPL to give a more smoother appearance.

The right colour of your lingerie is important. It’s not wise to go for colours that may show through. Pastel colours can compliment nicely, especially, if your attire is of a light colour.

Here are few tips to bear in mind when selecting your bridal lingerie for Asian wedding wear:

  • Do try your ‘full’ outfit on at home and look at the areas that need attention. This will give you an idea on what lingerie would suit best.
  • Do take your outfit to a lingerie specialist as the staff are experienced and will help you decide and recommend what will give your amazing bridal outfit the smooth and perfect finish you have already visioned.
  • Don’t be scared in trying on thongs and strapless bras to suit your bridal outfit.
  • Make sure YOU feel comfortable. It’s your ‘big’ day and like most Asian weddings it’s a long day. Comfort as well as looking perfect is important.
  • Pay attention to every detail. It’s your big day. You want things to run smoothly and look beautiful.

And for your honeymoon, here are some quick tips of what to make sure you pack!

  • Nightwear – Slips, babydolls and chemises
  • Robes – Coordinating colours
  • Destination Packing – Swimwear and sarongs for beaches and lounge wear, socks and thermals for keeping warm in colder places
  • Plenty of flattering and clean bras and matching panties/thongs
  • Stockings and suspenders for sexy surprises

Skipping on this detail of bridal lingerie is not a good idea because it is now an important wedding fashion item for the Asian woman of today. With so many beautiful styles and designs available to go with your bridal wear, you really are spoilt for choice!

A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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