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''It is situated at a distance of 58 km from Mon via Wakching, Naginimora, formerly known as Lakhan, is a subdivision in Mon district and is sited in Kongan village land. It is also a beautiful small town in the district presenting wide panoramic views. The only coalfield in Nagaland founded by the East India Company in 1907 is at Borjan near Naginimora where a reserve of 6.5 million tonnes of coal has been proved so far. ''

The Konyaks believe that they were direct descendants of Noah, for they have Biblical names like Mosa, Kaisa, Aron and so on. The konyaks are famous for their tattooed faces , blackened teeth and barbaric practice of Headhunting.


LONGWA VILLAGE - Longwa is one of the biggest villages in Mon district. It is an interesting sight to see. As the village straddles international boundary line (Myanmar), as one half of the Anghs house falls within the Indian Territory, whereas the other half lies under Myanmeres control. However, the whole village is controlled by the Angh (Chief), there is a chief Angh and seven Angh’s in a village and the village Council Chairman.

SHANGNYU VILLAGE - The huge and unique piece of wood-arving at the entrance of the Angh's house, which is believed to be constructed by two brothers with the help of the spirit, appears to be made during the metallic Age which measures approximately 189 feet in length and breadth, 14 feet hight-is now properly presereved in a concreat museum right infront of the Ang’s house. Now it is 500-600 years old.

VEDA PEAK (PAK KOI) - Veda peak, the highest peak in Mon district is approximately 70 km east of Mon district headquarters. From the top of this peak one can have a clear view of both river Brahmaputra and Chindwin (Burma) on a clear day

CHENLOISHO VILLAGE - There is a small museum keeping all kinds of traditional ornaments. The skull of human head during the period of head hunting were displayed in a place called Waloo, and above the village there is a place which has the immemorial footprints of two ladies named Chenthron and Manya.


Air: The nearest airport to Mon are Guwahati (479 kilometers), Jorhat (157 kilometers) and Dimapur (296 kilometers).

Rail: Lakwa railway station enroute to Sivasagar, Assam is one of the nearest railways stations to Mon. Lakwa is located 75 kilometres away from Mon. The other option is to reach Guwahati by train and take the road for the remaining journey. You can also reach Dimapur by train and take the road to reach Mon. Dimapur is 296 kilometers from Mon.

Fast Facts about Mon

State:  Nagaland

Famous for/as:  Tibetan Monasteries

Languages: English, Hindi, Nagamese and local dialects

Best Season: October to May

Altitude:  Approximately lies between 25°6' and 27°4' latitude, North of Equator and between the longitudinal lines 93°20'E and 95°15'E.

Pincode: 798621

STD code: 03869

Distance Charts to Mon

Road Map
Dimapur to Mon
289 KM
Kolkata to Mon
1395 KM
Kohima to Mon
362 KM


A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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