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Oldest Church in India - Which is the Oldest Church in India?

St Thomas Church at Palyar in Trichur, Kerala is considered to be the oldest church in India. In 52 A.D. Thomas Didaemus, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. is believed to have landed at Musiris (Cranganore) in Kerala. He made his first converts both Jews and Hindus at Palayur a town now in Trichur district, Kerala. There he built a small church with an altar, which he consecrated. The Palayur church still stands at the same site and is the oldest church in India. In the 17th century Reverend Fenichi enclosed the original church with a new outer building, as the wooden walls of the old church were destroyed with time.


Getting there

railway station: Thrissur, about 37 km

Nearest airport: Kochi International Airport, about 30 km

Historical Monuments at Palayur

  • The Ancient haven and monument at Bottukulam (Bottujetty) where the a Apostle landed on his arrival from Kodungallur.
  • The Thaliakulam (Tank) where he baptised many after performing the miracle with water and granite baptismal font on its bank.
  • Way of the cross around Thaliakulam
  • The place where he erected the cross
  • The underground remains of the primordial church
  • The ancient church itself.
  • The old Judan Bazar and Jew Hill monument
Oldest Church in India


Lattitude:10.239587, Longitude: 76.193418

A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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