A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
12 Destinations In India That Will Make You Want To Travel All 12 Months!

“To those who can travel, there is no such place far away!”

We all dare to dream, we all dream to travel and we travel so that we can dream more. To travel far and wide is the choice that all of us want to make and if only we had the liberty to do so, we would! But alas, the livelihood choices and question prop up in between and we have to let go of our wishes.

Stop just for a second and picture this- what if you took a year off, JUST TO TRAVEL! The world would be your destination and the journey around it your home!

Here’s a guide to travel in India, all 12 months of the year. Since the country experiences four major seasons i.e. Summer, Winter, Monsoon and Spring; we thought we would divide the destinations accordingly; happy travelling, guys!

1. January- The Gorgeous Lakshadweep Islands

Destinations In India

These pristine white beach islands are the pride and joy of the turquoise waters of the Laccadive Sea. This archipelago of islands offers the perfect respite for the winter months as the tropical climate plays the perfect host.A haven for the adventure lovers, these isolated islands offer ample opportunities of water sports activities such as Scuba diving, snorkeling , kayaking and even surfing!

2. February- The Desert Festival of Jaisalmer

Destinations In India

One of the ideal months to visit this desert city of India is February. This is because the summer has not set in yet, and the climate is pleasant and neither too hot nor too cold. More importantly it is in this month that the city plays host to the Desert Festival. A three day long festival, it is replete with activities like musical performances, dancing, art and craft fairs and many more such activities. You can also enjoy quirky events such as Mr. Desert Pageant and a turban tying competition!

3. March- The Holy City of Varanasi

Destinations In India

During the month of March, the city plays host to a massive festive tradition known as Mahashivratri. Paying their respects to Lord Shiva, devotees flock to the ghats i.e. the place where the river water of the Ganges meets the land. Kids and adults alike dress up in garbs of Lord Shiva to celebrate his wedding anniversary, which is the occasion that this festival celebrates. There is a carnival like parade, and of course copious amounts of Bhang!

4. April- The Silvery Ski Slopes of Auli

Destinations In India

The slopes of Auli in Uttarakhand are a perfect respite from the grips of the summer heat! Thrilling for experienced as well as novice skiing enthusiasts, the terrains are surrounded and lined by evergreen coniferous and oak forests. The moderately cold temperatures ensure that you experience winter but not get frozen!

5. May- The Wilderness of Jim Corbett National Park

Destinations In India

The Jim Corbett national park in Uttarakhand is one destination which is hugely popular amongst all tourists across India. However, the tiger reserve remains closed during the months of June to November owing to the heavy monsoons. In May, the temperature is just right and you can avoid the throngs of crowds as there is very little inflow due to the imminent closing date.

6. June- The Rolling Green Hills of Munnar

Destinations In India

Right out of a fairytale, the beautiful hills of Munnar in Kerala are the dream for everyone who wants to get away from maddening city life. The rolling green, gushing rivers and whistling valleys provides the perfect backdrop for you to just sit back, relax and let nature take its course. The month of June brings with it, light showers of the first rains and transforms the whole town into a beautiful maiden like charm.

7. July- The Calm Passes of Ladakh

Destinations In India

The ‘Land of high passes’, what more can be said about it that hasn’t already been said? But know this, it is one of the most therapeutic journeys you will ever undertake. Beautified by natural sights of every colour, the land adorns itself in the browns of an arid desert, the spectacular whites of Himalayas, sparkling blues of the lakes and the greens of its meadows. Peacefully the prayer flags flutter in the winds to lend a feeling of immense peace! In addition, you can visit numerous skiing places in india along with your family and friends.

8. August- The Lush Forests of Agumbe

Destinations In India

On the southern coasts of Karnataka is a rainforest that is beautiful in its serenity and the receding rainfall of August make it even more exhilarating. It is here that you can see greens that you though would never exist! Home to numerous and diverse animal species, Agumbe also plays host to an amazing number of medicinal plants that are unique to this region. The formidable King Cobra has also made this lush woodland its home.

9. September- The Queen of Hill Stations, Kodaikanal

Destinations In India

The misty valleys of Kodaikanal beckon to you in the ideal month of September, with the rains on their way out and winter just setting in; the weather is perfect for that much needed break from all the hassles! Called the ‘Gift Of The Forest’ Kodaikanal lives up to its reputation with grassy knolls and refreshing forests that soothe the mind!

10. October- The greens of Ziro Valley

Destinations In India

Home to one of the most beautiful valleys and dales in India, Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh has captured the fascination of all who have set foot here. Its green mountains are not only invigorating, but they are a sight unlike any other you have witnessed. The month of October being a month of transition between Monsoon and the approaching winters, the rainfall is not harsh enough to hamper and yet pleasant enough to enjoy. Explore the unique culture of this land shrouded in a veil of mystery!

11. November- The Golden Temple at Amritsar

Destinations In India

In the month of November, all of India comes together regardless of its cast, culture or creed to come together in one celebration- Diwali! And the place where it can be witnessed in all its grandeur is the Golden Temple in Amritsar. This shrine decks up in all its finery of lamps, diyas, lights and most importantly an air of immense devotion. Everyone gathers together to unite in a festivity that is ineffable! Fireworks bursting over the shining domes while devoted prayers are sung inside is an experience that just cannot be described in words- you have to be there to feel it.

12. December- Live It Up in Goa!

Destinations In India

The year has finally drawn to a stunning and picturesque close and you want to end it on a high note- what better place could there be than GOA! Although a little on the pricier side, it is in this month that you can experience the true joy of being a Goan owing to the Christmas, New Year and Carnival Celebrations. What’s more? The EDM Festival of the Year, Sunburn also happens during this month! What better place to count down to a whole another year of adventure and happiness than this, right?

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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