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Top 10 Wedding Anniversary Gifts She’ll Love

Do you want to make this anniversary a special occasion for your wife? Do you want to give her some special gifts that she will cherish all her life? If yes, then let the creative side of yours do the action. The first step is to think about the things your wife will love to own. Second step would be to jot down your budget and the third one would be to go shopping! Well, if your wife owns a lot of diamonds and bags then do something different, create something for her. If you still haven’t figured out the one thing you will want to gift her on your anniversary, then scroll down to have a look at the 10 most appealing ideas for a present on an anniversary. Make your day special and as lovely as your wedding day, let the charm re-return!

10. Simply chocolaty:

There is almost no girl in this world who doesn’t like chocolates and if you have a wife /girlfriend who is crazy about them, your best gift option would be to flood her with chocolates of all colors, shapes and sizes. Trust me; she is going to love it! You can also combine the chocolates with roses and present them in a bouquet. Adding sprinklers on the top and a greeting card would be an icing on the cake. Make her feel like a queen and you are definitely going to have a perfect anniversary.

9. Show tickets:

Take your wife/girlfriend out for a concert followed by a candle light dinner. This is the safest gift anyone could give his partner on an anniversary. The best point is that by doing this you will be able to have fun and spend quality time together. A general advice is to book into a restaurant that serves the cuisine your girl loves and to make it even more romantic, request the staff to play light music in the background.

8. Hot bubble bath:

Well, this is probably one thing that will make your anniversary the most memorable one. Prepare a luxurious bath for the woman of your life. Light up the path leading to the washroom with candles and rose petals. Make her feel extra special while helping her into the tub. Along the side of the tub, put her favorite soaps and lotions. You can also add champagne and a cake to this set up.

7. Memory box:

It is ideal to gift things made with a lot of effort and when it’s for your partner, you should always try to put in that attempt of creating something original. The best thing to make is a memory box. Carve wood in a box like shape and fill it in with a lot of your memories from the past years. It can include your pictures, sentimental notes, first gifts and any other thing that holds a special place in your relationship. Your partner will surely love this idea and love you more for doing something this special for her.

6. Weekend trip:

Plan everything out, starting from her leaves to the place you would like to take her to. Make all the reservations and travel arrangements. Women love when men take out time to plan and make things special for them. Take her to a place that is calm and quiet as it will give both of you a plenty of quality time to spend with each other. A sweet advice is to make every moment of this trip extraordinary for her and she will love you all the more.

5. Party it up:

Is your partner always engrossed in work? Does she never have time to really go out and have those fun evenings with her friends? If yes, then let this anniversary be that stress buster evening for her. Plan a surprise party with all her close friends and relatives. Organize a huge anniversary cake with her favorite cuisine. In short, make her feel like a queen! If you are low on budget, you can also plan this party in your house while your spouse is away for work.

4. Pamper her with a day:

Pamper your woman with a day for herself. Organize a paid spa, various skin treatments and body massage in a posh beauty parlor for her. After the spa, make her close friends take her to shopping in one of her favorite stores. For the night, organize a candle light dinner and gift her new clothes and jewelry. Well, this is one gift every woman fancies about!

3. Give a theme look to your house:

If your partner has always fancied about a place and you were not able to take her there because of budget constraints, then this is your chance to make it happen for her. Yes, you can actually try and create an ambience in your own house. If your wife/girlfriend loves the beaches, then bring in an island look in your house. Decorate it with bright colors and dim lighting. Make her favorite cuisine and combine it with beach cocktails. This is for sure going to make her feel like a princess in the arms of her prince!

2. Do her favorites:

Do you hate shopping and your wife loves it? Do you hate watching those silly romantic movies, which your partner fancies? Well, if yes then take a day off and do all the things you always say a no to. Go out shopping with her; help her in choosing the perfect outfit. Eat at a local joint where she hangs out with her friends. Spend a day with her ideas. For the night you can actually bring in a classic romantic movie, which your wife/girlfriend loves. Keep in mind, don’t fall asleep during the movie or you are going to ruin all the efforts you made during the day!

1. Jewelry:

Made for people with healthy budgets, jewelry is one gift that can never go wrong for women. Buy her a heart shaped diamond pendant with same earrings. If you are high on budget, you can also gift her solitaires, which are for sure going to make you a hero for some days. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, indeed they are!

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