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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
Tips to Look Flawless in a Backless Dress

Tips to Look Flawless in a Backless Dress

The latest sensation in the bridal world is backless wedding dresses. They are gorgeous, they are elegant and they are hot. (Need we say more?)

Deep down in her heart, every to-be-bride desires to proudly flaunt her back (just like the celebs do at red carpet shows) in a backless choli. If you too are planning to don that bold look, then you ought to know these top tips for carrying it off as elegantly as possible.

1. Flawless Back

To look flawless in a backless dress, your back needs to look flawless first. Uneven skin tone, hideous acne/marks, annoying hair etc can hamper your dream of flaunting a flawless back. So, your primary concern should be taking good care of your back. For a clear, spotless skin, exfoliate, moisturize and massage your back regularly. To ensure best results, start this mission 6 months before the big day.

Flawless Back

2. Makeup magic

If it’s a last minute decision and you are not sure about your back then resort to the surefire solution, makeup. Yes, when you have no time to fix your skin, you can always cover it up with good concealers. All you need to do is find someone to apply the liquid on your back and blend it perfectly. Your back will be ready in minutes for the dress.

3. Right posture

The worst thing one can do in this attire is not getting the postures right or keeping a slouched back. Not only does this spoil the entire look, it can also make your appearance dull and unimpressive. So, when you are wearing a backless dress, make sure you stand up straight, tall and erect with a square shoulder. This will also give you a confident, smart look that guys find very attractive.

Right posture

4. Wear the right undergarments

It’s obvious that you cannot wear regular undergarments under your backless dress because of their straps. Pick the right innerwear made especially for backless gowns. These include the lower back strap bra, silicon sticks or even the transparent strappy ones. Be careful with your selection and, if needed, go for a fitting session/trial.

5. Tie your hair up

Of course, you are not wearing the backless dress to hide your back with hair. So, the best hairstyle for any backless dress should be tied up hair, stylish up-dos or other styles that do not let the hair come down. If you don’t prefer the tied-up styles, then go for a side braid or put the hair in front over the shoulders.

Tie your hair up

Now that you are done reading these tips, start your preparation for the big backless day. Do let us know your style tips for flawless back if you have any!

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