A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
Some Facts About Indian Law That Will Make You Proud

To maintain the decorum of a country there must be certain rules and regulations. The set of rules followed by the citizens of a country is known as law. In India there are different types of laws established for different reasons. This article contains exclusive details about the laws of India.

Types of Indian Laws


There are different types of laws for particular reasons in India. This section of the article contains the different types of laws enforced in India. Administrative or constitutional law, criminal, contract, labor, tax, property are some of the laws that are practiced in India. There are different set of rules for following these laws.

Alert for Woman

A woman alert is such which says that a woman can be asked questions at her home and brought to police station only after a formal arrest. In that case there must be a valid reason for the arrest only after the valid reason the woman can be arrested. After the sunset a woman cannot be arrested.

Action as Required

In case of any road accident recorded the injured should be taken to hospital or any medical relief immediately as soon as someone spots them on road. It is not necessary that they wait for any sort of police procedures to be followed. As soon as any accident is spotted without informing the police one can seek medical help at first and then involve the police.

Insurance Must For Your Vehicle

As soon as you purchase your vehicle it is highly recommended that you insure your vehicle. This will help you in case you vehicle undergoes any sort of accidents. This is very important since it not only secures your vehicle but also you if you face any accident during traveling with your vehicle.

Cyber Law

Nowadays cyber crime is one of the most popular among crimes. This takes place at a wide range now. People who are prone to internet are more likely to perform this crime. Cyber law is one such crime which is enforced for performing any cyber crime.There are different laws depending on the intensity of the crime performed.

Enforcement Laws

This type of law is undertaken by different enforcement law agencies. Federal bodies generally undergo this type of law. This Law is a mandated by the constitution of India. This law works on different police forces under State government.

Substantive Laws

These kinds of laws are enforced to define or understand different rights and powers of citizens and non citizens. There are many forms of substantive laws. This law is known to control human behavior and power. Some of the famous types of substantive laws available in India are commercial law, penal laws,etc.

Rent Laws

This is the new addition to the database of Indian laws. This law is enforced to depict the relationship between the tenant and the landlord. This law is both for the land owner and the tenant. It has separate laws in favor and against of both the parties. Depends on the state this law keeps on changing.

Environment Laws


This is one of the most important laws keeping in mind the present scenario of our environment. This law is established to preserve the rich flora and fauna of our country. Protection of different wildlife sanctuaries also lies under this law. Some action against the pollution growth has also been mentioned in this law.

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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