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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
8 Simple Ways That Will Give You Deep and Dreamless Sleep


Many people have this chronic problem of not getting sound sleep or sleep interrupted with constant dreams.

If you too have a problem related to sleep and trying hard to get a good night’s sleep then browse below to know some simple ways that can cure your sleep issues without taking sleeping pills or any other medication.

Read on.

1. Take a hot shower.

Studies suggests one should take hot bath shower before you sleep as the drop in body temperature and then to normal temperature relaxes our body. You can also add good aromatic oils as well.

2. Fresh air and natural light is important

Try to get out in the fresh air and in natural light during the day. If you spend all the time in air-conditioned and artificially lit buildings will disturb your sleep as the body will not be aware of timings.

3. Try and avoid eating heavy meals and meals after 8 o’ clock.

It is advisable that you have light dinner as heavy meals lead to acid reflux and heartburn and this will keep you up and also after eating after will keep the metabolism up which again creates havoc when we want to sleep.

4. Understand and follow your bed time.

For few days keep a track on how many hours you need as well as time frame so that you feel fresh every morning. Even if you sleep late or party till wee hours, you must get up by the time you wake up daily. Why? When you mess up with your internal clock, there are chances that you will have more

5. Do not use any electronic gadgets till late hours.

It is very vital to shut off all the gadgets especially cell phones. The light from screens signals our brain that it is daytime and keeps us alert and awake for more time before we finally doze off.

6. Wear socks while sleeping.

If you are comfortable wearing socks as you sleep then you can consider this tip as socks help to keep feet warmer and this in turn induce sleep faster.

7… Power naps

It is believed that power naps of 20 o 40 minutes in a day (not beyond 40 minutes) actually helps us to sleep better during night as we it relaxes our body during day time as well as make us less stressed out at night. But if you slip in to deep sleep then it can cause sleep inertia.

8… Physical Activity.

Work ou sessions helps to take out stress from our body and chnages our mood and these factors are vital for good quality sleep. So try working ot in morning so that you can have better sleep. But make sure you do not hit gym at night especially three hours before you are abput to sleep as this will make you harder to fall asleep.

Follow these simple tried and tested tips and tricks and have deep and dreamless sleep!

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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