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Secret story of Goddess Vaishno Devi that no one knows

The story of Goddess Vaishno Devi is about seven hundred years old. Two kilometers away from present Katra town, is a village named Hansali. This picturesque-place surrounded on all sides by trees and brooks, pre­sents a thrilling view of nature. One day, in the midst of this atmosphere a sound was reverberating in the mountains of Trikuta....

“I don't know hymns; I don't know how to adore thee; I don't know formal worship; I don't know even your shape; neither have I known the method of meditation nor the postures of meditation story all my sins and help to attain, whatever I deserve,” said Pan­dit Shri-Dhar.

His throat choked, tears rolled down the cheeks, sweat drops appeared over his forehead; lips quivered. Shri-Dhar asked the Goddes, “You are the greatest of great. You are knower of known and unknown. Why don't you accept my prayers? What are the short-comings in my wor­ship?”

Pan­dit Shri-Dhar was talking as if to him with emo­tion and devotion. His whole body was shivering and suddenly a murmuring sound came beneath the fallen dry leaves.

This sound was of an anklet that filled the air. Shri-Dhar was aghast to see six small girls sitting in line with folded legs. Suddenly Panditji's eyes fell on a ravishing face, full of beauty and splendor. he was amazed and bewitched. It seemed as if hundreds of suns were blazing on her face. This girl had never been spotted in the village earlier. Her clothes were red in color and she was wearing an anklet.

Who was this young girl and what happened with Pandit Shri Dhar? Know the entire story in the next few slides…

The girl looked at Pandit who was staring her and she put her feet in the front of him. He started to wash her feet. Then he wor­shipped all the seven girls and served flowers. Later he served food and gave 'Dakshina' (offering in cash) to them. All the girls, except the divine shaped girl, left.

Panditji was about to ask her some questions, when the girl, said to him, “I have come to you for an important job. You convey to people in the vil­lage and around, that you are holding a feast in the name of god.” Before Panditji could ask her any­thing, the girl disappeared. Shri-Dhar was perplexed. Who was that girl? She should have been a divine girl. Shri-Dhar was now anxious about holding of 'Bhandara', the feast in the wor­ship of god.

He thought that he could invite everyone, but who would arrange the eatables and other material required for it? However, he left his home to invite people from the village and near-by places. His guest list also included ‘Bhairav Nath’.

After inviting a lot of people, Shri-Dhar was very tired and fell asleep at night. In the morning, he got worried about the arrangements for 'Bhandara' and people started to pour in. Shri Dhar was worried as nothing had been arranged.

Suddenly, the same divine girl, wearing red apparel and a trident in hand, appeared in front of Shri-Dhar and said, “Panditji, leave your wor­ries. Everything will be arranged. You get up and ask the holy men to get into your hut and eat food.” Shri-Dhar got up and requested the saints to grace his hut.

People of the village sat outside his hut and the Bhandara started. The divine girl started to distribute food from a mystic pot (Kamandal). Panditji was happy, while others were surprised as everyone was served food of their choice.

On seeing this, Bhairav-Nath admitted that the girl had some supernatural powers. He decided to confront her and when the girl reached near him, he said to the girl, “You have served food to everybody as per their choice. Now serve me also food of my choice — meat and drinks (wine).”

The girl replied, “Sir, please do not forget that you are sitting in a Brahmins hut and this au­spicious feast is vegetarian. So, please ask only those foods which are vegetarian.” Bhairav, however, stood by his choice. He wanted to test the powers of this amazing girl. Discussions started over this issue and Bhairav lost temper. He tried to catch hold of the hand of girl. The girl disappeared. Bhairav, too, was not an ordinary human-being. He went into samadhi (Intense meditation) and saw by his spiritual powers that the girl is moving towards Trikuta Mountains.

He followed her.

Meanwhile, Pandit Shri-Dhar became restless just like a fish out of water. The divine girl had left the hut since last two days. He was continuously gazing towards the unknown. He stopped eating, drinking and talking. It seemed as if the jug of water had been snatched from the hands of a thirsty man. The day passed in this way and night set in. He fell asleep.

While sleeping, he felt, as if, someone is pressing his hand on his head. The soft touch of hand gave him relief and he opened his eyes. To his astonishment, he found Durga goddess riding a lion, adorned with ornaments, trident in her hand and many other-weapons gracing her dazzling and sparkling personality. Panditji reverently bowed down his head and sang hymns in the worship of mother. The goddess asked, “Why did you stop eating and drinking? How can you worship with an empty belly? Come, I will show you my abode.”

Shri-Dhar followed mother with folded hands and they reached a cave. Seeing the cave, the home of the goddess, tears rolled down his cheeks in reverence. He bowed down his head and worshipped the god­dess mother. Then they came out of the cave. The moment he ejected-out of cave the bright light fell on his eyes and Shri-Dhar awoke from his sleep. Panditji was very happy. He remembered every bit of path, place, the goddess in 'Pindi' shape, the beautiful cave, the mountains falling on the way, etc.

Nine months passed by. Bhairav Nath was loit­ering on the mountains in search of mystic girl. He sat in meditation several times and tried to know the whereabouts of the girl through mystic pur­suits but he failed. Although he knew that the di­vine girl is hidden somewhere on the same moun­tain yet he could not locate her. The path, she fol­lowed, was not clear. Earlier, he had seen a monkey with a red flag in hand with the girl. Then he saw the girl hitting a stone with an arrow and water gushed out of that stone.

Bhairav reached near that place and again sat in meditation. He saw the girl standing at the moun­tain top. Bhairav went to that place and found the foot-print (marks) on the stone. Then he could not locate the girl for nine months. His innate desire for the search of girl, increased to the extent of mad­ness.

One day his eyes fell on a hermit. Bhairav en­quired of hermit, “Sir, have you seen any girl here?” The hermit replied, "Perhaps you are not aware, that goddess Maha Devi lives here. The hermit stopped Bhairav, but he was stubborn about en­tering the cave. He thought how a girl could re­main hidden in cave for nine months. Mother goddess was witnessing the mental agony and turbulence of Bhairav, but she wanted to continue the play a bit more.

On seeing Bhairav entering the cave, she tore open a path behind the cave by her trident and came out. The goddess went ahead, while Bhairav followed her. At last the goddess reached near the beautiful cave on Trikut Mountains. Goddess asked Bhairav to return and stop following her, but Bhairav refused.

So the goddess kept the monkey as a guard on cave-mouth and entered in the cave. Bhairav also started to enter the cave. However, the monkey stopped him. Bhairav threw him away and entered the cave. Goddess saw him entering and took the shape of fierce 'Chandi' god­dess and killed Bhairav by her sword.

Since Bhairav Nath was not an ordinary human being, he was a spiritual saint, his head separated from the body, but the consciousness still remained. He felt sorry for his conduct. He repented and asked the goddess to pardon him.

On listening to the prayers of Bhairav, the mother took pity on him. She gave him a boon and said, “After my worship, people will be worshipping you also. Your soul will be liberated. The devotees will visit your shrine after pilgrimage to my abode. The devotees, who pay obeisance to you, will also get their desires fulfilled.” As per this boon, the pil­grims of holy Mata Vaishno Devi shrine later visit the temple of Bhairav Baba. The place, where the Bhairav's head fell, houses a temple in the name of Bhairav.

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