A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
Khajjiar: Emerald of Himalayas

Khajjiar is officially proclaimed the mini-Switzerland ofIndia. Khajjiar is arguably one of the most picturesque places in India. The landscape is chocolate- box perfect.At an altitude of 6450 ft, this saucer shaped green meadow, ringed by Devadar Trees has a lake in the middle complete with floating island. The charm of this place is a large meadow land that would come at sight while moving towards Chamba town. It has a rare combination of three ecosystems: lake, pasture and forest, all in one place.

Khajjiar View

Khajjiar is a wonderland midway of Dalhousie and Chamba. Just a bus/taxi-drive away from Dalhousie through a bus/taxi-able road winding through some very narrow and steep roads and dense dark emaralds covers of green forests spanning pines and cedar, the magical paradise Khajjiar sets you free in a different world of peace and enjoyment, as if untouched, innocent in its charm, nascent in its feel, and you simply don’t want to leave. No wilderness in Himachal is as easily accessible and beautiful as Khajjiar.

Khajjiar Top View

The snow - line appears above its lush woods, and at the very centre of this divine glade, is a lake fed by countless streams that criss - cross the area. Glacier lake of Khajjiar has spongy earth owning to the week Vacha and is surrounded by tall Deodar trees and is fed by the streams from the Himalayas. Shaped like a saucer, this huge bowl of 7 emerald-turfed meadows, 1.6-km long and 0.9-km broad, lies embedded beneath a dense pine forest surrounded by high mountains, and fringed by gigantic deodars.

Snow line on the top of Khajjiar

Along its fringes, amidst the thick forests above the woods and in the centre of the glade, is a small lake fed by streams that traverse the green carpet. The thick forests and ambience of the place can be best viewed near the majestic rivers of Chenab, Beas and Ravi. It is incredibly beautifully and justifiably famous for its magnificent splendor. One can sit for hours and hours together at the small hut-isle at the center of the lake, where you can reach with the help of a wooden bridgeway, and admire the lake as well as the lavish natural surroundings, breathing in the wet fragrance of a wind that flows through the pines and deodars. A camera can hardly capture the enticingly captivating & mesmerizingly thrilling experience that the eye of a visitor meets.

Famous Khajjiar Lake

There are countless spots with nature beauty where a tourist can spend their time, and Khajji Naga shrine is one of them. A little away from the lake is the temple of Khajji Nag belonging to 12th century A.D. In the mandapa of the temple one can see the images of the Pandavas and the defeated Kaurvas hanging from the roof of the circumambulatory path. The sanctum of the temple has been beautifully carved from wood.

Khajji Naga shrine

Adding to the charms of Khajjiar, which also hugs a golden-domed Devi temple, is a golf course set in the midst of the idyllic surroundings. The golden spire of the Devi's abode beckons one to the fringe of the lake.


The history of khajjiar is linked to the rulers of chamba. The local Rajput rulers ruled chamba valley in the 6th century and made it their capital city. This region become the part of the Mughal Empire in the medieval period and later came under various Sikh kingdoms, finally, it was taken over by the British, and it became a part of the state of Himachal Pradesh when it came into being on April 15, 1948.

Reaching to Khajjiar: Closest airport from Khajjiar is Gaggal also known as Kangra. This airport is situated at good distance of 134 kms from Khajjiar hill station. Nearest railhead to this place is Chakki Bank. Experts identify this place as Pathankot too. The station is just 80 kms away from Khajjiar. Train from big city of India is connected to this hill station.

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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