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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

Kamov deal:- India to get 200 copter in 9 years

Kamov deal

NEW DELHI: India and Russia today signed a deal to jointly produce 200 Kamov Ka-226T helicopters, at the India Russia Summit in Goa today. The helicopters are believed to boost the capabilities of the armed forces. Below is a description of the helicopter and the deal.

What is the Kamov Ka-226T helicopter?

1) It is a small, twin engine Russian utility helicopter.

2) It is manufactured by Russian Helicopters.

3) This light multipurpose helicopter has a maximum takeoff weight of 3.6 tons.

4) It can carry up to one ton payload.

5) It has a maximum speed 220 Km/hr.

6) The helicopter can carry up to six people. The machine has excellent maneuverability and handling, easy maintenance, says Russian Helicopters.

What is the deal signed between India and Russia today?

1) At the India Russia Summit held in Goa today afternoon, the two nations announced the signing of the shareholders agreement for the joint venture of the Ka-226T helicopters in India.

2) The joint venture is between Russia based Rosoboronexport, Russian Helicopters and India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

3) Russian Helicopters in a press statement said, “The signing of the joint venture will become a new stage of cooperation between Russia and India on the subject of the helicopter in the agreements provided for an intergovernmental agreement that was signed by Moscow and Delhi in December 2015.”

4) The Indian-Russian joint venture will be part of the Make in India program, as stated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

5) Under the terms of the intergovernmental agreement the holding company “Russian Helicopters”, JSC “Rosoboronexport” and India’s HAL corporation must arrange the localization of production and supply of 200 light multi-role Ka-226T for 9 years.

6) At the same time the first 60 helicopters will be produced in the Russian Federation, the organization of production of the remaining 140 helicopter is planned in India.

7) In addition to the assembly of helicopters, the agreement provides for maintenance, operation, repair of helicopters, as well as providing them with technical support.

8) The joint venture is to create capacity for repair and maintenance of helicopters produced in India for 5 years, and the capacity for overhaul of helicopters – for 7 years after delivery of the first batch of helicopters.

9) “The joint venture is certainly a breakthrough project for us, because it fundamentally changes the model of our cooperation within the helicopter industry. India has been one of our most important strategic partners. The first time we are ready to offer our deep localization of helicopters, including the organization of the production of various helicopter components and assemblies. I hope that the Ka-226T Indian assembly has a great future of the world “, said the head of the holding company Russian Helicopter

Who will use it in India?

1) The helicopters will be used by the Indian armed forces.

2) These helicopters are will replace the ageing Cheetah chopper fleet which meets the demands of one of the world’s highest military deployments on the Siachen glacier.

3) The military version of light multi-mission helicopter Ka-226T is designed for operation in remote areas, tough terrain, overseas, reconnaissance, surveillance and transportation of supplies and Personel

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