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International Bikini Day: 10 Bold Kannada Actresses In Bikini!

International Bikini Day: 10 Bold Kannada Actresses In Bikini!

In the film world, actresses' are suppose to act in glamorous and de-glamorous roles. Many actresses' do accept to act in the glamorous roles and many disagree. On behalf of International Bikini Day(today), July 5, we here bring you guys 10 bold and hot Kannada actress in bikini.

Usually, when compared to all other film industries, Kannada film industry do not portray actresses' in outfits like bikini, semi-bikini and see-through costumes etc. Because KFI, produces more number of family entertainers and action movies.

But, the generation has changed and the filmmakers have also moved from little bit forward and have made changes their concept and ideas of filmmaking. In the recent past we have actresses Ragini Dwivedi, Priyamani, Sanjjanaa Galrani, Aindrita Ray, Pooja Gandhi, Niddhi Subbaiah and many others who have posed bold and sizzling in bikini.

Check the slides to know 10 bold Kannada actress in bikini...

1. Priyamani

Priyamani in bikini

The hot and glamorous actress Priyamani wearing skin coloured bikini in a Telugu movie.

2. Ragini Dwivedi

Ragini Dwivedi in bikini

Bold and hot actress Ragini Dwivedi wearing blue and yellowish bikini and posing for a magazine.

3. Sanjjanaa Galrani

Sanjjanaa Galrani in bikini

The Ganda Hendti actress Sanjjanna Galrani wearing semi-bikini for a movie.

4. Aindrita Ray

Aindrita Ray in bikini

Aindrita Ray, who is popularly known for for girl next door roles in movies, posed bold in bikini for CCL Calendra photo shoot in 2012.

5. Namitha

Namitha in bikini

None will forget this hot and extremely sizzling actress Namitha who appeared in Kannada movie Indra opposite Darshan. In pics, the actress is wearing a white semi-bikini.

6. Pooja Gandhi

Pooja Gandhi in bikini

The Mungaru Male actress Pooja Gandhi wearing a blue and black bikini cum swim suit in a movie.

7. Shuba Punja

Shuba Punja in bikini

Shuba Punja is yet another bold and hot actress in Kannada film industry who accepts to act in bold characters. She recently acted in Kotigondu Love Story opposite Rakesh Adiga.

8. Rishika Singh

Rishika Singh in bikini

In pics, Rishika Singh wearing a brown bikini top and posing bold for a movie.

9. Nidhi Subbaiah

Nidhi Subbaiah in bikini

In pics, actress-model Nidhi Subbaiah wearing a greenish satin material bikini. Oh! The actress is too glamorous! Isnt't it?

10. Rakshita Prem

Rakshita Prem in bikini

The Suntaragaali actress Rakshita wearing black and yellow coloured bikini for a movie. This was before she tied the know with director Prem.

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