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Facts About Karma - The Real Meaning

facts about karma

The literal meaning of karma is action. Instead of using the laws of karma to feel constrained, it is better to understand the true meaning of them so that you can make your life better.

facts about karma

It is good to know about good karma and bad karma as true knowledge can liberate us. If you take a deeper look at certain aspects of human life, you will understand that good actions brings us positive results whereas negative actions tend to bear negative results.

With every thought, word and deed, you are acting. Through every action of yours, you are creating certain quality of energy. The quality of energy that you create with your actions determines the quality of energy you get in return.

It is very difficult to escape the the effects or the consequences of any action and that is why our elders urge us to act in the right matter.

Fact #1

What you give is what you get in this world. If you give love, you will get it and if you spread hatred, you might get it back. So, it is better to spread love, happiness and positive energy to get back the same.

facts about karma

Fact #2

If you wish to change anything external, you must change yourself from inside. Also, if you wish to change the world, you must first change yourself. The real change starts from inside.

Fact #3

Your internal state influences your surroundings and your surroundings influence your internal state. That is why it is better to choose your surroundings carefully. Also, it is better to choose your thoughts, words and deeds carefully to keep your internal state clean.

facts about karma

Fact #4

Your past deeds, thoughts and behaviour may influence your present. Therefore, choose every action carefully.

Fact #5

There is nothing like a free lunch in this world and one must work hard to attain anything in this world.

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