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NEW DELHI: Apart from signing major defence contracts at the India-Russia Summit, India and Russia will further enhance their joint development programs of more Indian defence projects. The projects are upscaling the Brahmos missile and co-developing India’s Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA). Descriptions of each of the two projects which are being worked upon are given below.



Brahmos is a supersonic cruise missile that can be launched from land, air, ships and submarines. It has a speed of 3 Mach.

1) Brahmos Aerospace was formed as a joint venture between Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Federal State Unitary Enterprise NPOM of Russia.

2) Brahmos Aerospace was established in India in February 1998.

3) Brahmos represent the Brahmaputra and Moskva rivers.

4) It is a supersonic cruise missile that can be launched from land, air, ships and submarines. It has a speed of 3 Mach.

5) It has a flight range of 290 kms.

6) It carries a conventional warhead weighing upto 200 to 300 kgs. It can also carry nuclear warheads.

7) It has a “fire and forget” principle of operation.

8) Capable of being launched into Pakistan and China.

9) Brahmos is currently operational with the Indian Navy ships and Indian Army’s land based launchers.

10) Induction of first version of Brahmos weapon complex in the navy began from 2005 with INS Rajput as the first ship.

11) The army started inducting the land attack Brahmos Block I from 2007. It has three regiments of the missile. Fourth regiment was approved by the Cabinet Committee of Security last month.

12) It can be launched from underwater as well.

13) Brahmos air-launched version was flight tested on a SU-30MKI fighter of the IAF.

14) The SU-30 BRAHMOS will carry out air combat operations within and beyond visibility range.

15) It will provide the IAF the capability to attack targets, which are protected by powerful air defence systems.

16) Following the BRICS summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin said India and Russia have agreed to improve the Brahmos missile and will work to increase its range.

Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft


1) The FGFA is being developed by India and Russia.

2) It is based on the Russian PAK-FA. The T-50 is its prototype.

3) The PAK-FA is a fifth generation fighter aircraft program of the Russian Air Force.

4) The PAK-FA lays the foundation for the FGFA which is being co-developed by Sukhoi and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for the Indian Air Force.

5) The PAK-FA is planned to have stealth and advanced avionics. It is a twin-engine fighter jet.

6) It is planned for attack missions.

7) The Russian Air Force plans to induct it in 2017.

8) The FGFA will be tailor made for the Indian requirements and will have 40 improvements over the Russian version.

9) India will invest $4 billion to develop the FGFA and wants to produce more than 100 such jets.

10) Russia will share critical aircraft technologies.

11) Following the joint venture of the Brahmos, India and Russia had agreed to jointly develop the FGFA.

12) Putin also said that India and Russia will work on developing the FGFA.

13) India and Russia hope to conclude negotiations by year end and sign the contract for jointly manufacturing the FGFA.

A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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