A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
India's most wanted


WHO IS HE: Son of a Maharashtra police constable, the 56-year-old don is also among world's most dangerous fugitives. He operates through brother Anees and close aide Chhota Shakeel

WHY IS HE WANTED: He organised the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai in March 1993 which killed more than 250 people. He is a key financier of anti-India works of various jehadi groups. He is also into the businesses of counterfeiting Indian banknotes and drugs and does his best to harm India's security and economic interests. His influence and reach spread across the subcontinent to the UAE. Together with the members of his gang active in the country, he is Indiaâ??s most dangerous individual enemy

BIGGEST STRIKE: He was the man behind the Mumbai serial blasts in March 1993

STATUS: He is believed to be hiding in Karachi, Pakistan


WHO IS HE: He is the chief of the Hizbul-Mujahideen, one of the most active terror groups in Jammu & Kashmir, and is also the commander of the Muttahida Jihad Council

WHY IS HE WANTED: Salahuddin and his outfit are said to be behind numerous terror strikes in Jammu and Kashmir. His organisation stands for the integration of Kashmir with Pakistan and has close links with and backing of Pakistani spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence

BIGGEST STRIKE: The NIA suspect the hand of his outfit in the Delhi High Court blast of September 7, 2011. One of the accused arrested for the blast admitted that Salahuddin himself had cleared and directed the operation

STATUS: He is said to be based in Muzzafarabad in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir


WHO IS HE: Maulana Masood Azhar is one of the three terrorists the then foreign minister Jaswant Singh escorted to Kandahar to swap for the hostages of hijacked flight IC-814 in December 1999

WHY IS HE WANTED: After he was freed, he found sanctuary in Pakistan and founded the Jaish-e-Mohammad in 2000. His outfit is said to be behind the 2001 Parliament attack in India. His cadres are still spreading terror and violence in Jammu and Kashmir

BIGGEST STRIKE: The attack on Parliament on December 13, 2001

STATUS: He is believed to be living in Pakistan, though the country denies that


WHO IS HE: He is the leader of the terror outfit Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami (HuJI) and a senior commander of al-Qaeda. He was once even touted as a successor to Osama bin Laden

WHY IS HE WANTED: He was the handler of US-based terrorist David Coleman Headley who played a key part in reconnaissance of targets for the 26/11 attack. He has formed the 313 Brigade to target India. The outfit headed by him, HuJI, is suspected to be behind many terror attacks in India & other countries. These include German Bakery blast in Pune, attack on American Centre in Kolkata in 2002 & blasts in Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Bangalore in 2008

BIGGEST STRIKE: His outfit has roles in dozens of terror attacks, including 26/11 & Pune bakery blast

STATUS: Reports last year said he had been killed in a US drone attack but that was denied later


WHO IS HE: A Lashkar-e-Tayyeba commander, he is one of the suspected masterminds of the Mumbai terrorist attack of November 2008

WHY IS HE WANTED: The Pakistani national reportedly travelled to India as a cricket fan in 2005. His undercover visit was the first of a series of surveillance missions - before Pakistani-American David Headley was used for the recce operations - which culminated in the November 2008 attack on Mumbai. Headley reported to Mir. From a safehouse in Karachi, Mir guided the assault team using a voice-over-internet line, personally ordering the execution of several hostages.

BIGGEST STRIKE: The 26/11 attack

STATUS: According to Western intelligence sources, Mir is being held in a safehouse run by the ISI Directorate, along with a former military officer who travelled with him to New Delhi, Abdur Rehman Hashim

MAJOR IQBAL (Photo not available)

WHO IS HE: A major in Pakistani army and an ISI officer, he along with Major Salim are conspirators in 26/11 attack

WHY IS HE WANTED: He was the main handler of David Headley who recruited, trained and directed him for his recce activities in India. India wants their voice samples to prove they were guiding 26/11 attackers on phone

BIGGEST STRIKE: The 26/11 terror attack

STATUS: Believed to be still serving in Pakistani army


WHO IS HE: He is the chief of the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and Jamaat-ud-Dawa, which claims to be a charity organisation but was declared a terrorist outfit by the United Nations in December 2008

WHY IS HE WANTED: The 62-year-old is the accused number one for India for masterminding the 26/11 Mumbai attack. He selected the 10 Pakistani attackers and oversaw their indoctrination and training with the help of elements in Pakistan's army and the ISI. He openly holds rallies and makes hate speeches against India in Pakistan

BIGGEST STRIKE: He was the mastermind behind the 26/11 attack; also played a key role in the 2001 Parliament attack and the Mumbai train bombings of July 2006

STATUS: Though he was briefly placed under house arrest, after 26/11, he has stepped up his activities since last year, holding anti-India and anti-US rallies


WHO IS HE: He is Dawood's most trusted aide. It is he whom media turns to if they want to know about the don's latest move

WHY IS HE WANTED: He is an accused in 1993 Mumbai blasts. Known for his deep roots in Bollywood, he along with Anees is the don's main henchman

BIGGEST STRIKE: The 1993 Mumbai blasts & attack on Chhota Rajan in Bangkok in Sept 2001

STATUS: After Osama bin Laden's killing, he fled from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia


WHO IS HE: He is a founder member of the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and currently serves as its commander of operations in Kashmir and as a member of its general Council

WHY IS HE WANTED: He along with Hafiz Saeed was among the main planners of the 26/11 attack. The LeT has carried out dozens of attacks in India and is the most dreaded terror group active in the country

BIGGEST STRIKE: Nov 2008 Mumbai attack

STATUS: He is currently in custody in Pakistan for 26/11 strike


WHO IS HE: He is Dawood Ibrahim's younger brother. Dawood trusts him to run his show

WHY IS HE WANTED: He is an accused in 1993 Mumbai blasts and a coaccused in every crime Dawood is accused of. Whether it is running drugs/fake banknotes operations or extortions, he is the one who makes the arrangements

BIGGEST STRIKE: The 1993 Mumbai blasts

STATUS: Not much is heard of him since he was shot at by members of rival gang in Karachi in 2009

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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