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Largest Sinkholes On The Planet

On Earth Day, we are here to discuss about some of the serious issues that are changing life on earth. We humans have turned inhumane and work like a machine to explore new things around us. In this process, we are causing a lot of damage to our mother nature.

We are risking our future generation lives for our current worldly pleasures. We are causing a lot of damage to our environment, and the devastating changes can be seen every day.

In this article, we are here to share the list of the world's largest sinkholes on the planet. These are the changes that need an immediate attention to the damage that we, as humans, are causing to the world.

Sinkholes are a depression caused on the surface of the holes. Earlier, these holes were small, but as the days are passing by, the size and frequency of the sinkholes seem to be increasing drastically.

Berezniki Sinkhole, Russia


This sinkhole is in Russia and is about 80 m in length and 40 m in width. Researchers have revealed that it is approximately 200 m in depth. The experts from Russia are working to fix the issue, as it is a ticking threat.

Great Blue Hole, Belize


The Belize Blue Hole is not only the most unique sinkhole in the world, but it is also the only blue hole that can be seen from space. This blue hole is a world heritage site and is one of the many protected areas in Belize.

Sima Humboldt, Venezuela


This sinkhole is very huge and it is located in the Bolivar state in Venezuela. Researchers have revealed that the depth of this sinkhole is approximately 314 m and the width to be around 352 m.

Dead Sea Sinkholes, Israel


It a home to many sinkholes. Researchers have revealed that there are approximately 3,000 open sinkholes around the coast. One of the main reasons for these holes to be present is due to the shortage of water in the area.

Guatemala City 2007 Sinkhole, Guatemala


On 23rd February 2007, the land surface in Guatemala City collapsed forming a deep, large circular hole. The reason for the formation of this sinkhole is believed to be due to the corroded sewage system that is present deep beneath the surface.

Xiaozhai Tiankeng (Heavenly Pit), China


This is the world's largest sinkhole. It is 626 m in length and 537 m in width. It is believed to be a doubly nested structure, i.e., the upper bowl is 320 m in depth and the lower bowl is 342 m in depth.

The Devil’s Toilet Bowl (Devil’s Hole), Florida


This sinkhole is hidden from the surroundings around the vegetation, but of late it has turned into a picnic spot, as most of them enjoy a swim in this lake.

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