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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
The Crazy Obsessions Of 13 Bollywood Stars That Will Surprise You

India as a country is obsessed with two things- cricket and Bollywood. No, make that three, for who can say we aren’t obsessed with jewellery-either wearing them or storing them in lockers. But when it comes to Bollywood, obsessions work on a higher, often crazier levels. And the things the stars are obsessed with might even make us ordinary folks feel a little dizzy. Here are the crazy obsessions of 13 Bollywood stars.

1. Priyanka Chopra

Obsessed with: Shoes

Priyanka Chopra

It’s rather expected of an actress to be concerned with her appearances. In fact, we wouldn’t want it otherwise. But Priyanka Chopra takes the idea of having the right footwear to make her look good to another level, at least when it comes to shoes. Whether it be YSL, Christian Louboutins or Ferragamos, she has shoes from all these brands and more.

2. Vidya Balan

Obsessed with: Sari

Vidya Balan

If you thought that micro-minis and western designer wears are slowing eating into the market for saris, the worry is probably misplaced. At least, that’s how it looks like when you learn that Vidya Balan-one of the most respected actresses working in Bollywood has more than eight hundred saris in her collection.

3. Shah Rukh Khan

Obsessed with: Blue pair of jeans

Shah Rukh Khan

Never mind the fact that SRK can get designer wears custom made for him. When it comes to choosing his outfit, Khan has a thing for denim. Not just a thing, actually but a THING. He owns over 1500 pairs of blue jeans!

4. Kangana Ranaut

Obsessed with: Tattoos

Kangana Ranaut

A sword, a cross with wings, an angel…no, we aren’t talking about the elements of a fantasy novel. Rather, these are the motifs that are inked on Kangana Ranaut’s body. The actress loves to get tattoos as a way of experimenting with her looks.

5. John Abraham

Obsessed with: Superbikes

John Abraham

Given his hunkish persona it’s probably not surprising that John Abraham is crazily passionate about superbikes. And considering the fact that he makes some good money, you know he can easily act on that obsession. But it still doesn’t mean some of us are not envious of him for that.

6. Sonam Kapoor

Obsessed with: Fashion attire

Sonam Kapoor

It’s safe to assume that Sonam Kapoor spends as much time co-ordinating her looks as a scientist would on a particularly tough math challenge. While the scientist may or may not arrive at the answer, Kapoor certainly does-in the smashing ways she manages to look like in her public appearances. This self-confessed fashion freak has apparels from all the major brands like Prada, Marc Jacobs and Gucci peeking out of her wardrobe.

7. Bipasha Basu

Obsessed with: Watches

Bipasha Basu

For some reason wristwatches have always been associated with distinct personalities. More than an apparatus to tell the time by it supposedly denotes a strong personality. Bipasha Basu is known for her individualistic approach to life and work. Maybe her obsessions with watches-having one for every occasion-is not a coincidence after all.

8. Ameesha Patel

Obsessed with: Bags

Ameesha Patel

Hard core Bollywood geeks might want to know what exactly Ameesha Patel carries in her bags but all we can tell you is that the actress is so taken with the accessory that she owns bags from all the major labels in multiple colours and designs.

9. Arjun Rampal

Obsessed with: The colour black

Arjun Rampal

Not sure how deep the actor is into rock n’roll but he loves the colour black all the same. Fast cars is something else that he loves and all the cars that he owns come in black. And as for his attire, it’s common enough to see him in black Armani suits at award ceremonies. Perhaps, he had an encounter with bats during his childhood which he cannot get out of his mind.

10. Salman Khan

Obsessed with: Perfumes and soaps

Salman Khan

Maybe it’s kind of weird that the thing that has captured the fancy of the macho actor is perfumes and soaps-herbal soaps in particular. But then, when you are one of the dominating Khans of Bollywood you can indulge in your obsessions, regardless of whether it’s strange or not.

11. Lara Dutta

Obsessed with: Shopping

Lara Dutta

A self-confessed shopaholic, the former Miss Universe buys everything that comes her way. Well, not quite, but it does supposedly come close to the reality. An object of particular fascination for this Bollywood actress is shoes.

12. Preity Zinta

Obsessed with: Cleanliness

Preity Zinta

It’s definitely a good thing to be attuned towards cleanliness. However, being obsessed with it, ironically enough, may not be healthy. To be fair to Zinta, it’s not known whether she has taken her peculiar obsession to crazy extremes. The actress has mentioned in many an interview that she hates using a bathroom or loo that has even a speck of dirt in it.

13. Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt

Dutt is said to be obsessed with tattoos which is understandable given how his other obsession is body fitness. After all, one is prone to adorn what one is proud of.

While checking out the obsessions of Bollywood actors can be amusing, it’s even more entertaining to watch them perform well on screen. And as long as their varied obsessions don’t get them sidetracked from their work, we have no qualms about their obsessions.

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