A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
Famous Cities in India - List of Top Cities of India

India is one of the biggest nations on the planet and is formally called the Republic of India. India have some of the most incredible cities which are world famous and attracts lots of tourists. This nation with different cultures, languages, religions and beliefs houses numerous excellent and extremely popular cities.

Following is the list of famous and most visited cities in India


Mumbai Famous Cities in India

Mumbai is the largest city and also regarded as the business capital of India. Mumbai on the net is a tribute to Mumbai’s individuals, society history and quirks. This city is full of life and is additionally known for its well known visitor’s places, beaches, Bollywood Movies, temples, etc.


Delhi Famous Cities in India

Delhi is the image of old and new India that’s essentialness lies not simply in its past glory as the seat of empires and grand landmarks, additionally in the rich and various cultures. Delhi offers lots of fascinating places and attractions to the guest, to such an extent that it comes to be challenging to choose from where to start exploring the city.


Bangalore Famous Cities in India

Bangalore renamed Bengaluru is the ‘The Garden city of India’ gloats now of additionally being ‘The Silicon Valley of India’. A delightful city of Bangalore is perfectly brightened with parks, enclosures, lakes and wellsprings. It likewise serves as an impeccable stopover for some exceptionally wonderful spots close-by incorporating Mysore and the Jog Falls.


Kolkata Famous Cities in India

Kolkata has a different and interesting history, which you’ll truly have the ability to submerge yourself in on one of these Kolkata strolls. Then again, there are likewise strolling tours in Calcutta that will give you an up to date look inside the city.


Jaipur Famous Cities in India

Jaipur, lovingly alluded to as the Pink City in view of the pink dividers and the structures of the old city, baits guests with its staggering reminders of a past time. The most famous Jaipur attractions and places to visit are the aged royal residences and forts; with expanded construction modeling that serves as a brilliant indication of their royal heritage.


Agra Famous Cities in India

Famous with one of the Seven Wonders of the World – Taj Mahal, Agra is amongst the most prominent tourist destination in India. Agra is a virtual fortification of history and architecture. Historical landmarks, architectural grandeur ventures and the wonderfulness of marbles makes Agra as one of the vacationer objectives in India.


Chennai Famous Cities in India

Chennai is a fascinating city for a travelers heading out to South India. One amongst the most famous tourist destination of Chennai is the neighboring town of Mahabalipuram with its antiquated temples and rock carvings of Pallava kingdom.


Pune Famous Cities in India

The city has an extremely quiet environment with non-standing up to individuals and is significantly relax and serene than most different cities. Pune has a superb history and it was the core of force of the Maratha Kingdom and all the encompassing places that reflects the glory of Marathas.


Hyderabad Famous Cities in India

Hyderabad is a perfect destination as it gives enriching experience with enchanting structural masterpieces and rich social legacy. Known for its collection of jewels, it is said that the well known Kohinoor initially belonged to Golconda.


Surat Famous Cities in India

Surat regarded as Silk City & Diamond is acclaimed for its material and precious stone businesses. Surat vacation spots have dependably drawn explorers from diverse parts of India. Visitors from different nations additionally go to the state of Gujarat to visit the vacationer spots in Surat.


Ahmedabad Famous Cities in India

Ahmedabad is an incredible vacation spot destination, as there are number of fascinating places to see in and around the city. A percentage of the characteristics that flawlessly depict the Ahmedabad city are wonderful landmarks, great museums, and perfect lakes. There is a richness of touring places in Ahmedabad that are legitimately worth a visit.


Kochi Famous Cities in India

The striking port city of Kochi or Cochin is a visitor’s heaven. Lavish mangroves, coconut tress reflected in the translucent waters of backwaters, old temples, church buildings, and forts.

Port Blair

Port Blair Famous Cities in India

Port Blair is capital and biggest city of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. The Cellular Jail is a famous vacation destination in the city. The pleasant and laid back Barren Island is the ideal place to spend a weekend.


Panaji Famous Cities in India

Panaji is the capital city of Goa. It is the charming small travel center for the voyagers coming to Goa. Panaji otherwise called Panjim however, it doesn’t own a few widely acclaimed landmarks, its bears a vibe which has an enthralling appeal. The town has protected its Portuguese legacy considerably well and parts of it still holds thin winding avenues, old houses with over hanging balconies, red-tiled tops and various little bars and cafe’s.


Lucknow Famous Cities in India

Lucknow is a wonderful city that still holds its old planet appeal. Among the most vital monuments are the Imambadas, prominently regarded as the Bada Imambada and the Chhota Imambada. The trip spots additionally give one the thought of the district’s rich flora and fauna.


Pondicherry Famous Cities in India

Pondicherry is famous for its sunny shores and churches is a standout amongst the most visited traveler spots in India. Pondicherry was the biggest French settlement in India. The city has a long and intriguing history of exchange and war. The city has numerous excellent pioneer edifices, chapels, sanctuaries, and statues which, joined with the precise town arranging and the decently arranged French style boulevards, still safeguard a great part of the pilgrim mood.


Varanasi Famous Cities in India

Varanasi is a historical city in northern India. The city is hallowed to Hindus and likewise one of the oldest enduringly occupied urban communities on the planet. It is acknowledged a blessed city in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It lies on the banks of waterway Ganges. Varanasi otherwise called “the city of lights” and “the city of studying” is one of the eldest urban areas on the planet.

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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