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Bollywood Top 10 Extra-Marital Affairs

Love is a kind of game, especially for people in B-town. An exploding chemistry in reel life turning into a heated affair in real life is something which we have been witnessing ever since the Hindi film industry came into being. We have seen our favorite stars fall in love outside their marriage, causing much tension within their family, but giving us plenty of spicy news to gossip about!

So here we bring to you the top 10 extramarital affairs that Bollywood has witnessed over the years:

1 Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman

Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman

Guru Dutt was a successful director, producer and actor, and was married to singer Geeta Roy. Things were fine till he met Waheeda Rehman and introduced her in his films. The growing proximity between the two led to problems in his marital life, with Guru even separating from Geeta.

Different versions of the love affair suggest that it was Waheeda who initiated marriage proposals to Dutt, or that Geeta’s suspicious nature that made Dutt confide in Waheeda. Finally, things worsened so much that both Guru and Geeta took to heavy drinking and soon, Guru Dutt died in 1964 and Geeta in 1972.

2 Raj Kapoor and Nargis

Raj Kapoor and Nargis

Probably the most passionate romance of the whole lot, the Raj Kapoor-Nargis affair was quite a talk of the whole nation! The fact that Raj was already married to Krishna Kapoor did not deter Nargis from falling for him. The actor worked with his new-found love in as much as 16 films, each film a clear picture of the passion they had for each other- be it Barsaat, Awaara, or Shree 420! The iconic song “Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua Hai” is still a mirror of their real-life love.

However, good things don’t last long! Raj Kapoor refused to part with his wife, which made Nargis walk out on him. Later, she fell in love with Sunil Dutt on the sets of Mother India and married him soon after.

3 Sanjay Khan and Zeenat Aman

Sanjay Khan and Zeenat Aman

The original seductress of B-town, Zeenat Aman redefined sex on screen and attracted a lot of her co-stars, including Sanjay Khan. He was already married to Zarine Khan and had three children, when he fell for Zeenie baby on the sets of a film. Sparks flew and they even got married and lived together.

When Zarine found this out, she supposedly beat up Zeenat, damaging her eye permanently. Some other rumors suggest that it was Sanjay who slapped Zeenat, resulting in her eye damage. Although this affair was not a huge one, it still features in our list because of the interesting catfight and physical violence involved!

4 Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy

Shatrughan Sinha and Reena-Roy

Their on-screen jodi was a superhit, and their off-screen jodi was a smasher hit! After working in a string of successful films, passion was bound to grow between the two. Shatrughan Sinha was already married to Poonam, yet Reena wanted him to marry her. He refused, and Reena had no other choice but to move on.

5 Kamal Hassan and Sarika

Kamal Hassan and Sarika

Another typical Bollywood tale of multiple affairs and deceit, their story is one from which every star wife must take a cue. A successful actor and filmmaker, Kamal Hassan was married to classical dancer Vani Ganpathi. When she failed to conceive, Kamal moved closer to actress Sarika, who became pregnant even before marriage. Sarika left her successful career at its peak, to settle with Hassan, whom she married.

But what she gave to Vani, she received in return. Kamal Hassan cheated on her as well, and married another young actress. Sarika almost attempted suicide and took a long time to recover from the depression. The couple is divorced and their daughters are also separated from their mother.

6 Dharmendra and Hema Malini

Dharmendra and Hema Malini

One was the “He-Man of Bollywood” and the other was the “Dream Girl”. Something magical was bound to happen when the two met. The couple was love-struck even though Dharmendra was married to Prakash Kaur and had four children from her.

Many established actors like Sanjeev Kumar and Jeetendra had proposed to Hema, but she turned them all down and chose Dharam. However, when his wife Prakash refused to divorce him, he converted to Islam so that he could marry his Dream Girl. The couple has two daughters, Esha and Ahana.

7 Boney Kapoor and Sridevi

Boney Kapoor and Sridevi

Theirs is a typical case of love, deceit and breach of trust. Filmmaker Boney Kapoor was happily married to Mona Shourie Kapoor and had two kids. But bad times started when Mona decided to help Sridevi and give her shelter in their house. Cupid struck between Boney and Sridevi and they shared a solid relationship, all the time Mona unaware of the betrayal.

Then one fine day, Sridevi was discovered pregnant because of which Mona and Boney separated and divorced. Mona lost a battle to cancer few weeks back, while Boney and Sridevi continue to enjoy their family life.

8 Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra

Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra

The Baadshah of Bollywood is known for his love for wife Gauri Khan. He has shared sizzling hot chemistry with plenty of beautiful actresses like Kajol, Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla, Rani Mukerji and Preity Zinta, but never in the history of his career span was he ever linked to any heroine. However, things took a different turn when suddenly rumors of him having an affair with beauty queen Priyanka Chopra started doing rounds.

Things became sour when SRK’s best buddy Karan Johar publicly bitched about her, and star wives like Gauri and Suzanne Roshan started ignoring her. But much to the surprise of people, Priyanka turned up at Karan’s 40th birthday party held recently! So we are forced to assume that things have been sorted out pretty well.

9 Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori

Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori

Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne are childhood sweethearts but during the shooting of ‘Kites’, he apparently got too close to his co-star and Mexican model Barbara Mori, making Suzanne insecure. What stirred up the situation was that Hrithik was all praises for Mori and her ‘professionalism’. Reportedly, Suzanne shifted to her parents’ house along with her kids.

Later, with the film becoming a box-office dud, things got clarified and Mrs. Roshan was back to her in-laws’ house. The couple has been going quite strong since then, and it seems Hrithik has learnt his lesson!

10 Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha

Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha

The best is for the last. The King of all Bollywood extramarital affairs definitely belongs to Amitabh-Rekha-Jaya! The ‘Silsila’ which began decades ago continues to set tongues wagging till date. Although our Angry Young Man was married to our sweet Guddi in 1973, his affair with the demure Umrao Jaan became apparent when their film Silsila was released in 1981. This film is considered as the real-life love triangle of the three involved.

Things soon died down, but never got completely eliminated. Rekha chose never to marry, which is another reason why the alleged affair cannot be denied. Recently, gossip mills reported that when Amitabh expressed his openness to working with Rekha again, Jaya got her seat in the Rajya Sabha shifted to another place so as to avoid being in the same frame as Rekha.

Who says love affairs and gossips die? Not in Bollywood at least! While there is no dearth of more such interesting news of Bollywood extramarital affairs, I am sure these were enough to set tongues wagging! Wait till we bring to you more such EMA (extra marital affairs, silly!) news, as “Bade bade deshon mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain Senorita….”

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