A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
11 Best Hill Stations in Maharashtra

A famous state in western region of India, Maharashtra is renowned for some exotic beaches as well as for hill station. Away from the fast paced urban life, the hill stations of Maharashtra nestled in the Sahyadri ranges gives you a chance to refresh your mind and soul!

Maharashtra is the only state where you can observe the foothills approaching the seashore. The hill stations of Maharashtra easily accessible in weekend from nearby cities Mumbai, Pune. Checkout some most famous hill stations to plan with family Or friends.



Adjacent to Lonavala, Khandala is a popular hill station near lonavala. located in western ghats of Maharashtra. The main reasons to make Khandala as a popular hill station near Mumbai is beautiful points like Amrutanjan Point, Duke’s Nose, Bhushi’s Lake and Tiger’s Leap. That should not be missed in Khandala trip.

Distance from Mumbai to Khandala – 79 Km.

Distance from Pune to Khandala – 96 Km.



Matheran is a popular weekend gateway among the urban residents of Maharashtra. Located at an elevation of around eight hundred meters in the Western Ghats, it is the smallest hill station of Maharashtra. The whole excursion of Matheran is filled with a visit to various tourist spots or points like lakes, parks, worship places and a huge racecourse.

Matheran has places like Alexander Pt, Rambag Pt, Echo Pt, Celia Pt (a waterfall mouth), Panorama Pt, Porcupine Pt, Charlotte Lake and many more to offer to its tourists. Apart from the attractions in the lap of nature, it is the proximity of the region, which makes Matheran the best hill station around Mumbai.

Distance from Mumbai to Matheran- 83 Km.

Distance from Pune to Matheran- 121 Km.



Located on the Mumbai-Pune expressway, hill station Lonavala sprawls over an area of about 38 sq. kms in the Sahyadri ranges. Lonavala is a popular hill station for outing from Mumbai as the region is flushed with deep green valleys, beautiful hills and historic forts. A full fledged tour of the Lonavala hill station includes sightseeing visits of Karla caves, Bhaja caves and Bedsa caves.

Magnificent fortresses like Visapur fort and Korigad fort are a must visit while exploring Lonavala. Like Mumbai, one can easily commute to Lonavala from Pune. Attractions like Duke’s Nose, Korigad Fort and Tiger’s Leap make Lonavala the best hill station to visit from Pune in Maharashtra.

Distance from Mumbai to Lonavala- 84 Km.

Distance from Pune to Lonavala- 67 Km.

Malshej Ghat


Nestled in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra, Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass favorite among trekkers and adventure lovers. Serene mountains, placid lakes and waterfalls add to some of the best views one can have while exploring the region. The place provides home to an exquisite variety of flora and fauna which includes quails, rails, cuckoos, crakes and the very famous orange & white flamingoes.

Apart from the wildlife, Malshej Ghat is famous for its historic forts also. The birthplace of the legendary king Shivaji, Shivneri Fort, is in close vicinity of the region. Buddhist caves, Harishchandraghadh, Ganesh temple and Shiva temple add on to the attractions of this place. Thereby, making Malshej Ghat, one of the most popular hill stations in Maharashtra.

Distance from Mumbai to Malshej Ghat – 127 Km.

Distance from Pune to Malshej Ghat – 120 Km.



Flourishing from the waters of the Pravara river, Bhandardhara is an exotic holiday resort in the Western Ghats of India. A perfect blend of tranquility, invigorating climate and scenic natural beauty, the Bhandardhara is one of the best hill station to explore around Mumbai. Apart from its pristine ambiance and surroundings, this hill station is quite famous for its forts, lakes, dams and temples as well.

One can climb up to the magnificent Ratangad and Harish chandragad forts. Besides, climbers can make their way towards Mount Kalusbai also, which is the highest peak in the whole of Maharashtra. The Wilson Dam on the river Pravara and the scenic Umbrella falls during the time of the monsoon, draws a lot of attention.

Distance from Mumbai to Bhandardhara – 165 Km.

Distance from Pune to Bhandardhara – 162 Km.

Jawahar hill station


Gifted with exotic valleys and dense forests, the hill station of Jawahar is surely one of the most visited hill stations of Maharashtra. Situated in the Thane district of Maharashtra, the hill station is famous for its vibrant Warli paintings. The place serves best as a famous hill station to visit with family in Maharashtra.As Jawahar hill station is one of the very few tribal regions of Maharashtra, it offers the tourists an excellent opportunity to get close to the tribal culture and way of life.

Besides these, there are other tourist attractions as well, which include Dhabosa waterfall, Kalmandvi waterfall, Jai Vilas palace, Hanuman point and the sunset point.

Distance from Mumbai to Jawahar Hill – 180 Km.



A planned hill station in the western ghats, Lavasa is a popular landmark for the tourists of Mumbai and Pune. One of the best hill stations to plan from Mumbai city, Lavasa is a sprawling hill station of around 100 sq. km. The region has been put into place by the private developing groups.

Owing to this, Lavasa has turned out into a luxurious getaway for the urban residents of Maharashtra. The hill station of Lavasa is also popular among bike cruisers as one can easily get the sight of motorbike riders riding hard through the valley.

Distance from Mumbai to Lavasa – 186 Km.

Distance from Pune to Lavasa – 58 Km.



Founded by Lord Chesson in the year 1860, Panchgani is a surrounded settlement of five hills in the Western Ghats region of Maharashtra. One of the famous hill stations to visit with family in Maharashtra, the region of Panchgani has an invigorating climate for almost all the months of the year. Tourist Attractions in Panchghani like Sydney Point, Table Land, Parsi Point, Mapro Garden and Devil’s Kitchen make Panchagani the best hill station for leisure activities in Maharashtra.

It’s not only the breathtaking attractions that make the headlines, Panchgani hill station is famous for its strawberry festival as well. Tourists can also catch the Strawberry festival of Panchgani which is held in the summers.

Distance from Mumbai to Panchgani – 244 Km.

Distance from Pune to Panchgani – 101 Km.



Termed as the summer capital of the Bombay province during the British Raj, Mahabaleshwar is among best hill stations of Maharashtra which has a breed of evergreen forests. Located around 285 kms from Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar is also one of the most visited hill stations in Maharashtra. This popular holiday resort has attractions like Arthur’s seat, Kate’s point, Needle hole point or Elephant point, Wilson point and the three monkey point.

Surrounded by trees on both sides and drawing a lot of tourist population is the Venna Lake. Accommodation facilities are also quite convenient here as budget hotels offering panoramic view of the mountains are available in abundance.

Distance from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar – 260 Km.

Distance from Pune to Mahabaleshwar – 117 Km.



Encapsulating a whole new variety of flora and fauna in itself, the Amboli is one of the most visited hill stations in Maharashtra. Situated amidst the Sahyadri hills, it is the last hill station before the coastal lands of Goa.The place is a flourishing Eco Hotspot and it gets at its best during the monsoon period.

With numerous waterfalls, temples, dense forests and steep mountains, Amboli serve as a best hill station around Mumbai. To name some, it has Hiranyakeshi temple, Nagarata falls, Mahadevgad, Narayangad and Kawalesad to draw the tourists.

Distance from Mumbai to Amboli – 491 Km.

Distance from Pune to Amboli – 348 Km.



Best visited post monsoon, Chikaldhara is a prominent hill station in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. It is situated at an altitude of 1118 m and the place has some of the best sightseeing for nature enthusiasts. The prime attractions like Sunset Point, Mozari Point, Shakkar Lake, Pancha Dhara Waterfall and Gawligad fort make Chikaldhara one of the best hill stations in Maharashtra to go from Mumbai.

Apart from the scenic beauty, the hill station is also famous for its wildlife treat. The Melghat Tiger Reserve in the close vicinity of Chikaldhara resort suits best for this purpose.

Distance from Mumbai to Chikaldhara – 700 Km.

Distance from Pune to Chikaldhara – 593 Km.

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