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Health Benefits of Black and Green Tea

Benefits of Drinking Tea

Benefits of Drinking Tea

Everyone is familiar with tea; most of us are tea addict. Although the perception that we have made of tea is that it has diverse effects on the health of the humans. However, excess of everything is bad and results negative impact, same are the case with having excessive tea cups or mugs.

There are plenty of health benefits of taking tea in our daily routine. We all are aware that there are various types of teas. The most common types of teas are black tea and green tea.

Here we will be sharing a few of the benefits drinking these types of teas.

Black Tea and its Benefits:

Benefits of Drinking Tea

Less Caffeine:

The people who are caffeine addict and take lots of coffee as it has the major caffeine content, it is better for them to add in the tea in their daily routine. It is alternate or replacement of coffee, but the benefit of adding tea instead of coffee is that it has less caffeine content present. Then, having the quality of tea also matters. Choosing the best companies for the quality of tea will give them caffeine satisfaction, the one their body craves for.

Removed Clots:

Clotting cause’s heart attacked and leads to sudden deaths. To prevent such a critical and life threatening heart disease better to add tea in your daily routine. It helps in removing the small clots that may occur in the body, causing the barrier in the blood flow. As per the surveys conducted in various areas of the world, the people having two to three cups of tea are less prone towards the fatal heart attacks than to the people who do not take black tea. Hence, black tea is a life agent too!

Helps in Strengthening the Bones!

This is one of the most interesting facts that people are aware of. The misconception is that tea kills the calcium level of the bones, however it is false! Tea helps in building up the calcium level hence, making the bones strong and prevents arthritis. The studies shows that people having more tea have strong bones that the tea avoiders. It is the not only the milk ratio in the tea that builds up the calcium level, but the tea leaves that helps in minting the calcium.

Green Tea Benefits:

Benefits of Drinking Tea

Prevents Diabetes:

Diabetes is known as the house of diseases, it lowers the immune system of the body. Diabetes in one of the major cause of death. However, due to the advancement in the sciences, the death rate has gone far below than the previous rate. Green tea helps in reducing the diabetes. It actually helps in maintaining the sugar level in the body. Taking a cup of green tea after every meal is best practice.

Reduces Stress and Weight:

Drinking green tea helps in weight reduction. It is beneficial for dealing with stress and anxiety that most people suffer from. Green tea is best to have in daily routine. The leaves content such an ingredient that is fruitful for the human body. It controls the enzymes that cause stress and depression. It controls the formation of fats hence, you tend to get smarter.


This is one of the important facts that the green tea presents. It is detoxifying agent. It helps to expel out the toxins that causes dullness in the skin and complexion. It enables to give shine to the teeth and also prevents tooth decay. It helps in making the immune system better, hence, body gets resistant to germs. It enables to regulate the digestive system to function in smooth manner.

Taking black and green tea has bunches of benefits, but one should take the balanced amount of tae for good results.

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