A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
Ancient Aliens- Vijayanagara Vastu Architecture

The episode, Aliens and Ancient Engineers, is part of the mega series- Ancient Aliens created by History Channel. Among various evidences studied by the Ancient Alien series team, one of the topic is Architecture use in Vijayanagara that is dealt in this documentary video.
Mong various places and architectures discussed in this documentary video, the one worth mentioning is Vijayanagara. India was way ahead of its time thousands of years ago when western world was hardly even civilised. This is a misterious land with so vast history buried beneath its vast land. The Indians worship several gods and the one for Architecture is named Vishwakarma.

There are several alien like carvings of the hindu gods aculptured on various temples of Vijayanagara. These temples are said to have been constructed with a specific design given in old Hindu texts known as Vastu Sashtra. These texts give specific consideration to the architectural activities that is said to be based on the movements of stars and planets.

The temples of Vijayanagara also show great similarity in architecture with the ancient Indian flying machine Vimanas. The gods, architectual methods and advanced technology may not confirm the existence of Aliens coming to Indian land but at least can raise some suspision.

The History channel team covering series Ancient Aliens believe that the Indian Gods might have been the aliens from other planets possessing most advanced knowledge that they shared with the Indians. In turn, because of their super powers, Indian population started worshipping them as gods from heaven.

Now watch the Ancient Alien series Episode- Aliens and Ancient Engineers talking about Vijayanagara:

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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