A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
Amazing Camping Spots in India

Amazing Camping Spots in India

The mere mention of camping excites most of us (unless you’re not that kid from Problem Child!). The prospects of being able to live the nomadic experience offers a refreshing break from the monotony of life. Living close to nature not only expands our horizons, it relieves us off stress, providing us the much needed scope to reflect and introspect. And aren’t we fascinated by the loss of permanence?

So here’s a list of amazing spots in India that offer some lucrative camping experiences! Check them out and chalk out the first place you plan to pitch up your tent?


Rishikesh Amazing Camping Spots in India

Key attraction: Rafting

Other attractions: Trekking, Bonfire, Rock climbing

Not only does camping in Rishikesh endows you with a spiritual touch, there is the unique topping for some adrenaline rush, in case you’re not feeling like introspection. Camping in Rishikesh can allow you to devote the most to yoga or/and supplement the stay with the adventure sports.


Sonamarg Amazing Camping Spots in India

Key attraction: Base camp for Amarnath Yatra

Other attractions: Trekking, White water rafting

Alpine climate, Himalayas- Sonamarg or the ‘golden meadows’ seem resplendent with the gurgling river that seems to sing “For men may come and men may go, but I go on forever…”. With the backdrop of snowy peaks, the mountains around and the pristine surroundings- who wouldn’t want to take up to that?


Mussoorie Amazing Camping Spots in India

Key attraction: Waterfalls

Other attractions: Light trekking, Temples

Doesn’t the picture above seem coming right out of those exotic wallpapers? Mussoorie seems to be blessed with many such sights to create fascinating wallpapers for the campers! The proximity to the NCR Delhi region makes it a favorable getaway from the urban district. And if you’re going to escape the concrete, why not do it proper? Skip the hotels and go camp!

Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley Amazing Camping Spots in India

Key attraction: Chandra Taal (Lake of the Moon)

Other attractions: Ki Gompa, Kumzum Pass among many other Gompas

Ki Gompa Amazing Camping Spots in India

The Lake of the Moon can induce euphoria in tune with the panoramic grayish landscape. The tranquility is bound to mystify your senses beyond perception! The landscape shrouds the faintest mystery why the lake is named after the moon. And all these can be best experienced by camping out in the pristine environment.

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls Amazing Camping Spots in India

Key attraction: The Dudhsagar Falls itself!

Other attractions: Nature

Drizzles, Birds, Mist, Trains, Greenery, Waterfall- sounds like the most lucrative toppings on the dish that nature so benevolently serves! An overnight camping experience is said to be one of its kind. Sleeping to the lullaby that the waterfall weaves is a memory that may not fade not soon.


Jaisalmer Amazing Camping Spots in India

Key attraction: Folk Traditions

Other attractions: Desert

It’s Rajasthan, folks! Witness the very best of folk dances, songs, the camel rides and taste the ethnic veg cuisine, living in the golden crucible of the Thar desert. It’s Rajasthan, so expect some regal touch to the camping.(C’mon, its too awesome to be explained!)


Coorg Amazing Camping Spots in India

Key attraction: Jungle treks

Other attractions: Home made chocolates!

Camping in Coorg combines the refreshing jungle air with thrill of hills. This camp is a go to if your heart is elated at the sight of greenery, hills (and chocolates!) Living in the lush greenery that the Western Ghats prides itself upon. Getting out of the tent to a blast of fresh air that is a respite from the concrete cities- that’s a reason camping out here.

A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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