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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
10 Bizarre Incidents Reported In India

While the rest of the world believes India is a magical place full of mystery and adventure, it does feel like we Indians have forgotten just how strange and wonderful our own country is. There's reports of unexplained sonic booms, enticing fairy lights and a whole lot of alien influence, all based in India. Here's something that might jog your memory and remind you that there is a little magic out there.

1. UFO sightings

The deserted region of Kongka La in Ladakh has a widely accepted reputation of being a UFO base. Witnesses have reported several instances and photos of different forms of flying objects as well as strange lights that have consistently been going to and from this mountain region. Considering the treacherous and hard to reach terrain, a UFO base here doesn't seem that unlikely. There was also a UFO sighting in 1951 in New Delhi involving a a 100 foot long object, another one in 1954 in Bihar witnessed by 800 people and one as recently as 2007 in Kolkata. Incredible.

UFO sightings

2. Ajanta Ellora Alien Caves

The cave temples of Ajanta are famous worldwide for their statues carved from the edges of stone cliffs. It is claimed however, that several of the carvings and sculptures are inspired by UFO sightings by the makers around 300 BC. The circular discs and figures are said to be flying saucers that the temple builders saw and paid obeisance to.

 Ajanta Ellora Alien Caves

3. Spontaneously combusting baby

In 2013, a two month old baby called Rahul was found by his parents unexplainably on fire. Apparently, the heat attracting Rahul has a history of inexplicably going up in flames, having suffered this oddity at least 4 times. Doctors have been unable to give any logical explanation.

Spontaneously combusting baby

4. Blood rain in Kerala

Between July and September 2001, Idukki in Kerala witnessed a bizarre phenomenon. Blood red rain was pouring from the skies and the people were scared into a frenzy of theories and possibilities, with some claiming it was a sign of Human sins and others saying it heralded the end of the world. It could also just be rain dust from the desert or God having a little bit of fun.

Blood rain in Kerala

5. Mass bird suicides in Jatinga

Between September and November of each year, migratory as well as locals birds exhibit the strangest behaviour, committing mass suicide by crashing straight down into buildings and trees. While that sounds like a kamikaze pilot technique the reason behind this unbelievable event is still unknown, though speculation would lead us to believe it's because of low visibility during winter fog.

Mass bird suicides in Jatinga

6. Dancing lights at Rann of Kutch

Each monsoon, the Banni Grasslands Reserve is home to mysterious lights dancing in the sky at night. Known locally as Chir Batti, these colour-changing mystery lamps have been observed for centuries. Scientists think it's methane oxidation, though it's nicer to believe there is a little magic in that swampy marshland.

Dancing lights at Rann of Kutch

7. Skeleton Lake at Roopkund

Since 1942, hundreds of skeletons have been found on the banks of the Roopkund Lake in Uttarakhand. Theories abound about who they belong to and why they were there, though the mystery has never been solved. Their lives were dated back to the 12th and 15th century, making everything all the more harder to grasp.

Skeleton Lake at Roopkund

8. Aleya ghost lights in West Bengal

The fisherfolk in this area have reported time and again about the presence of strange smoky lights wafting up from the swamps and low rivers where they travel. Apparently, these lights show up after dark, causing these poor souls to get lost and literally go swimming with the fish. Believed to be ghosts of old dead fishermen.

Aleya ghost lights in West Bengal

9. Twin village in Kodinhi

While four out of every 1000 births in India are twins, the village of Kodinhi in Kerala lays claim to 45 births out of every 1000. With a total population of 2000 families out which 400 are twins, this strange occurence has baffled investigators and scientists alike. Equal parts fun and creepy.

Twin village in Kodinhi

10. Skyquakes

Sonic booms were being experienced even before humans beat the speed of sound. Allegedly, people have heard loud sonic booms, also known as skyquakes since the 1800s in places like Jodhpur and around the Ganga river. This unexplained event is said to sound like a loud cannon and has been attributed to secret military drills as well as the collapse of underwater caves.


Remember, there's magic and charm in the strangest of alleys and the most incongruous of locations, so don't be afraid to go out exploring once in a while, you might just come across something life-changing.

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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