A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
7 Facts About Assam and its People

It’s the last day of #WriteFestival and I can’t describe how enriching the past 6 days have been. Taking part in this prompt is probably the best thing I did for my blog in a long while. I hope #WriteTribe will come up with more prompts like these :D Atleast it would keep the creative juices flowing.

I have meant to write on this topic for a long time, but somehow couldn’t manage. Well better late than never.

7 Things about Assam and its People

1) No, Momo is not our staple food. We love momo but we have some amazing delicacies of our own. Tenga Mas and Outenga daal being my favourite.

2) People from Assam are called Assamese not Assami and not all Assamese have mongoloid features, i.e are chinky in your local term. We are as Indian as you are. Our ancestor might have been a Prince from Mong Mao, but that’s all. We are not foreigners so don’t treat us like one. (For more read – Ahom Dynasty)

3) Our region boasts of some breathtaking locales. Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park is world Heritage site. Our region is one of the richest biodiversity zones in the world. If you wish to visit, our places are well connected through land, water and air. Yes we do have airports in case you were wondering.

(Imagine this conversation)

A: How will you go home?

Me: By flight.

A: {flabbergasted} You have airports in your place?

Me: Not at all, we ride elephants and sometimes hitch a ride on a flying carpet.

4) We DO NOT have dowry system. Having stayed in south India for quite some time, you don’t know how proud I feel when I tell people this fact. Our parents will chase you to the end of the world if you demand one.

5) Assamese language sounds similar to Bengali and it does have a script of its own. Someone once asked me if Assam is near Pakistan. Yeah that was the biggest Facepalm moment of my life. Please refer the “Indian” Map in case you are in doubt.

6) Bihu is the festival of Assam and Kopou phool or Foxtail orchid is the state flower.

Let me share the best thing I like about Rongali Bihu (which falls in mid April). Little children would form Bihu Toli (groups) and visit neighbouring houses. Dressed in traditional attire they would sing and dance to traditional and modern Bihu songs. Once they are done, the host would present them with money and sweets. They all would gather together and the children would sing a prayer and bless the household. {For more - Rongali Bihi in Assam }

7) Naamghar – which means prayer house. It is a community prayer hall and there is no idol worship, not even Krishna.

It feels good when people know about us. We are not all about Jungle, terrorists and Chinese restaurant waiters. There’s more to us.

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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