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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
4 places in Goa and Kerala you shouldn’t visit this Halloween


Halloween is a catholic festival which comes at the end of the month of October, the most frightening night of the year. A religious observance which lasts for three days. It is believed that on this day the horizons between the existing and deceased flapped and the dead would come back to life and cause destruction all over the world with infirmities and flawed crops.

On this day people do crazy stuff such as by sprucing up with costumes which look scary and the children wander around the neighbourhood for candies. Partying like never partied before and visiting the haunted places.

But beware you can also visit the haunted places in Goa and Kerala this Halloween but not after sunset. Here are some 4 places that you shouldn’t visit after sunset this Halloween.

>> The famous three king church

The famous three king church

It is in Cansulim village situated at Cuelim hill in south Goa. It is known as the haunted church but also it’s a popular tourists attraction, a scenic spot in Goa as it has beautiful sunset views. But it’s not allowed to enter the church after sunset yet you can enjoy the beauty of views from outside.

The story behind this haunted church is commonly heard as that once upon a time there were three Portuguese kings who were obsessed by gaining the power in the land and often they use to fight among themselves. But one day one king invited the other two kings for dinner and poisoned them to death. And he himself experienced ruin defeat by people and committed suicide by consuming poison. And the place where he committed suicide is known as the 3 king church.

Abandoned hotel in Agonda beach

Abandoned hotel in Agonda beach

Popularly known as the ‘Ghost hotel ‘among the locals. An abandoned hotel which is at the end of the Agonda beach. The most scariest looking hotel where in you will find the whole family of monkeys wandering, bunch of bats in the dark rooms of the hotel, animal bones all around, trees grown inside the rooms and all over the structure, unfinished blocked elevators.

It is an amazing place to visit during the day time if you are a adventures person as it is situated on top of the hill and got a beautiful view of Agonda beach and a fascinating structure to admire.

It is said that the hotel is abandoned because back in time the hotel was in a course of becoming a huge resort but the construction stopped. Its been 25 years from now when the construction was stopped as the owner ran out of the money and one of the owner was eventually murdered.

Sabarmila temple

Sabarmila temple

Sabarmila temple in Kerala is where thousands of disciples come to pray during the Maravilakku festival which signifies the final of a two-month pilgrimage to the Lord Ayyappa.

It is known as the haunted temple as a very tragic incident had taken place in pulmedu which left over 100 traveller’s dead in panic since a jeep had crashed into the homebound of the travellers.

It is believed that pulmedu tragedy still haunts the Sabarmila temple. According to one travellers experience he mentioned that he came across a man crying and asking for help.

Haunted Bungalow

Haunted Bungalow

Bonacaud is approximately 40km from Trivandrum; it contributes gorgeous views of the Agasthya mountain ranges. It is known for its astonishing beauty dwelling waterfalls, valleys and forests. Also containing a ‘Jersey Farm’ which is a dairy run by the Government which is just at the end of the broad road before the beginning of the long curving road.

The village provides a base camp for the Agasthyarkoodam Peak, which is one of the highest peaks in Kerala.

Back in time the Bonacaud was famous for tea plantation during the British it was established by British.

It has a bungalow known as the haunted Bonacaud bungalow having popular stories of it being a haunted. As the old tea factory was closed for many years.

If you are looking for an adventure then you should visit these places once in a lifetime. But beware not this Halloween and if you still dare to fulfil your desires of adventure then fabhres is the answer for you. The perfect guide fabhres.com.

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