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3 Solution to increase your concentration level

Solution to increase your concentration level

Solution 1: Long term solution

Take rest

Resting is very important factor that is very helpful in concentration, it helps your mind to calm down and make your brain works as you want to, and sleeping too much can also affect your brain and make you lazy, so avoid this by setting an alarm clock every day.

Plan things

Just take 5-10 minutes regularly and plan a schedule, check out the mail that gives you important task and don’t think that it’s a waste of time, just think that we never do anything without any purpose. So don’t distract your mind just plan for the next task.


Meditation is an amazing technique that is very helpful in concentration and also gives exercise to your brain practicing regularly makes your mind active all day and also make you creative and positive thought arises in your mind.

Solution 2: Quick solution

Make cards and tally it

Make cards like morning card, afternoon card and evening card later note it down your task and tally it every day before sleep and make another task for the next day.


Take a walk for few minutes in the evening or in the morning whenever you are free so this can be boost your energy and relax your brain activity.

Exercise at work

If you are working for longer hours and you need to concentrate then try on exercising at your own seats just a bit of warm up and get ready for the next task stay active and healthy.

Give break to your brain

If you are working for long hours continuously that you’re surely going to be tired a lot but when if you take a break after ½ hour or an hour then this would surely increase your concentration and boost your brain as your brain need oxygen so need to take break and then you can continue with your work.

Concentrate on one thing

Yes totally agreed guys whatever work you do try to complete it first and then go for next task, if you are working in one and then tired of that task and goes for other then it would totally divert your mind so take care of that and do one thing at one time.

Spider technique

Use a spider technique as like spider do, they too make their web but never get distraction and fully concentrate on their work as weather the door opens, bird whistles or any flash light in the mobile beams.

Do work at your Desk not on bed

As we know that Desk is the place where we work and bed is a place where we sleep then why not use in the same way and work in our desk only this can be very useful to concentrate in the similar way and you can generate your own technique and you’ll also get addicted to that technique.

5 more rule

Try out 5 more rule technique this is used as when you are tired or losing concentration then try out rule 5 as when you are reading books before stop closing think in mind that you can read 5 more pages, just try out to sit 5 more minutes and do somewhat more work.

Solution 3: keyword technique

This keyword technique is amazing just remember one important word that really helps you to concentrate and do not get you distracted by any kind of noise so find out the right word and start saying that word repeatedly in your mind. This technique can really be very useful.

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