A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!
A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

15 Beautiful Indian Wedding Hairstyles For The Ultimate Traditional Look

In a country so driven by its lavish culture and known for the extravagance of its traditions, celebration and festivity are the heart and soul of an Indian wedding. For the pretty little hearts of all Indian girls, their wedding is undoubtedly one of the best celebrations of their lives. It is something you dream about for ages and it’s only fair if you wish to look exactly like the impossible to behold princesses from the fairy tales you love so much. It’s one of the biggest days of your life, of course, and we are going to make sure that you, the queen of his heart, will look breathtakingly spectacular just like you should.

Everything from the perfect dress to the rich sparkle of the jewelry brings out the happy essence of matrimony in your appearance, but what completes the brilliance of every bride are Indian wedding hairstyles. When you step forward dressed just like a goddess, these Indian bridal hairstyles sparkle like the very crown on top of your gorgeous beauty

Though we may live more modern lifestyles, there’s no denying that the traditional spirit beats in our hearts. So, don’t hold back from wearing the ethnic charms you love to flaunt as here I’ve given you the most tempting collection of the most fabulous Indian wedding hairstyles that will not only complement your style effortlessly, but also make you look like the exquisite Indian beauty that you are.

1. Let the magic of simplicity bring out the new you

Beautiful Indian Wedding Hairstyles

This hairstyle creates a unique fashion statement for you. The wonderful play of hair on top of your head brings both lovely volume and an edge of playfulness to your look and makes this hairdo the perfect choice for long faces. You can make the most of your bridal getup by flaunting the timeless pairing of flowers with the length of your braid, and dress like the happiest bride in the world.

2. The evergreen spell of the twists and curls of the hair bun

Beautiful Indian Wedding Hairstyles

Dressed in a floral Indian look, this high bun hairstyle is the perfect representation of how our traditional style has evolved. This look is perfect for both lean figures and works best with pretty heart-shaped faces. The magic of curls in this hairdo turns you into a walking dream that he’ll never be able to forget.

3. Dress as lively as the very celebration you feel running through your veins

Beautiful Indian Wedding Hairstyles

This hairstyle is a simple yet perfect way to inspire the Rajputana essence into your look, making sure your bridal presence will be unforgettable. Marked with the beauty of the traditional lavish jewelry, the naughty flyaways from the bun and the curly waves on your face can make it hard for him to breathe I can already tell!

4. How about a little exquisite touch of playful effortlessness

Beautiful Indian Wedding Hairstyles

Lovely in both the look itself as well as the impact it leaves on the spectator, this hairstyle goes best with almost any traditional outfits you choose. The high puffed, playful hair on the top of your head channels grace and volume into your look and the exquisitely braided length from the back keeps the little hint of happy mischief alive. Don’t forget to finish this getup with the irreplaceable charm of some flowers.

5. The jeweled wave will display your happiness for you

Beautiful Indian Wedding Hairstyles

What makes this look best for Indian brides of today is how meticulously it blends the liveliness of the traditional look with the picture-perfect sophistication of modern times. Focusing most on the front with a dreamy wave of your curled tresses and the simply out-of-the-world band of jewels, this style lets you fix the remaining hair the way you want.

A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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