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11 Of The Steamiest & Sexiest Bedroom Scenes in Bollywood History

11 Of The Steamiest & Sexiest Bedroom Scenes in Bollywood History

There are numerous reasons why Bollywood has been fascinating cinema lovers worldwide over the years. Actors from the tinsel town of India such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have earned millions of fans even in far flung nations across the globe. Apart from its extravagantly choreographed songs and lavish sets, these flicks are also famous for a few of their scenes. Although this Indian film world is as popular as the famous Hollywood, it is still not as bold and explicit as the west in portraying sensuality and erotica. Hence, even a few instances of steamy Bollywood movie scenes have grabbed eyeballs and attracted the audiences towards cinema halls across the country. Some of the movies containing such scenes have also been banned by the censor board since it felt that these flicks don’t suit the sensibility of Indians. However, these bold moves by Indian filmmakers have gained wide acceptance amongst Bollywood fans residing in the nation and abroad. Here are 11 of the steamiest scenes of Bollywood history, which went on to become a rage, especially amongst the youth of India.

1. Jism 2

Jism 2

Jism 2

2. Ragini MMS 2

The sequel to the 2011 runaway hit ‘Ragini MMS’, which was known for its scary horror scenes, earned the recognition of being Bollywood’s very own soft porn flick. Yet again, the sensational Sunny Leone stole the show with her ability to perform steamy scenes effortlessly. The steamy bedroom scene, where the ambience is candle lit as well as the hot shower scene which consists of that prolonged kiss made this movie a rage, especially amongst its youth. The movie was yet another great example to prove that movies with erotica and horror content are always safe bets for their makers and can strike gold at the box office.

Ragini MMS 2

3. Aksar

Emraan Hashmi managed another box office success with ‘Aksar’, after being a part of the hit sleazy flicks ‘Murder’ and ‘Zeher’. The intimate scenes between him and co-star Udita Goswami was one of the prime reasons why the movie attracted the youth towards the halls screening the flick. The scenes have also been in great demand online. In addition to its steamy scenes, the movie also garnered a lot of acclaim for its peppy songs.


4. BA Pass

Shilpa Shukla, who is known for her small yet significant role in the 2007 blockbuster ‘Chak De India’, made an outstanding comeback through ‘BA Pass’. Shukla played the role of a dominant sex maniac who seduces a teenager for a few moments of pleasure. The movie has quite a few hot bedroom sequences and lip locks, which brought this relatively low budget flick into the limelight.

BA Pass

BA Pass

5. Heroine

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar who is known for making realistic cinema, portrayed a harsh truth of the world of glamour through this steamy scene from the movie ‘Heroine’. Arjun Rampal, who plays a movie director, kind of forces himself on Kareena for a lovemaking session in this flick. In a way, this was a take on the sleaze that occurs behind the scenes between the actors and technicians, especially the directors.


6. Murder

This 2004 flick, which was an unofficial remake of the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Unfaithful’, made waves for the sleazy romantic scenes involving its lead actors Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat. The scenes were quite bold and earned Hashmi the title of a ‘serial kisser’. ‘Murder’ was one of the first few Bollywood flicks, where the back of the actress was completely revealed. The movie also dealt with the subject of adultery, which was relatively unexplored by most Indian filmmakers at the time.


7. Kurbaan

The real life couple was seen getting cozy in this 2009 flick, which dealt with the sensitive topic of terrorism. Avantika, a professor, played by Kareena falls in love with Ehsaan, a character essayed by Saif Ali Khan and the intensity of their affection towards each other is expressed through the intimate scenes of the film. A frame of the steamy scene from the film also became its poster, which was widely criticized by the moral police across the country.


8. Raaz 3

Serial kisser Emraan Hashmi and Bipasha Basu, who are some of the best actors to portray intimacy on screen effortlessly, raised the hotness quotient on screen with this bedroom sequence. The seductive Bipasha Basu allures Hashmi into an intimate act which even involves prolonged lip locks.

Raaz 3

Raaz 3

9. Sins

This controversial movie was forced to be pulled out of theatres due to its extremely controversial script. ‘Sins’ highlighted the sexual escapades of a catholic priest and his young muse, making it a topic of debate amongst many thinkers from around the nation. However, the movie was later uploaded online and garnered many views from Indian cinema lovers who were curious to view its content. However, the movie did help its lead actor Shiney Ahuja grab the limelight and propelled his career to a great extent.



10. Prem Aggan

This movie marked the debut of the Bollywood hottie Fardeen Khan and was even known for the spicy bedroom scene between the actor and his onscreen love interest, actress Meghana. The actor had already made waves for his hot bod even before his debut and then this hot scene made the film fraternity and the masses stand up and notice Fardeen. Although the movie bombed at the box office, the movie is remembered for this iconic scene.

Prem Aggan

Prem Aggan

11. Siddhartha

In an era where even a lip lock raised the eyebrows of the masses, Shashi Kapoor, a top star of Bollywood went on to do an intimate scene, which went on to become one of the most iconic steamy scenes of all time. The scene showed Shashi establishing physical contact with the sensuous Simi Garewal, which seemed more like a celluloid recreation of the ancient erotic text, ‘Kamasutra’.


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