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10 Best Comedy Actors of Bollywood – Greatest Comic Actors

Bollywood Comedy Actors

Hindi Film Industry has witnessed many great Comedy Actors through its time. We try to list out top 10 all time greatest and best comedy actors of Bollywood. These actors made us laugh numerous times from their comic performances. There is pretty less chance that a Bollywood or Hindi movie fan have not seen even one of these comic legends.So lets check out who are the top 10 best comedy Actors of Bollywood.

Top 10 Greatest and Best Comedy Actors of Bollywood

1. Mehmood

First name in this list is one of the most popular comedy actors in his times Mr. Mehmood. He was a naturally witty person who maintained his great sense of humour even in his hardest time of life. All his ability reflected in his performances which was filled with quick jokes, brilliant acting and amazing sense of humour. He was a great dancer as well and made us laugh through his dance also.

Mehmood Bollywood Comedy Actors

2. Kishore Kumar

Kishore Da was definitely one of the best comedy actors of Bollywood. He was Spontaneous, full of energy and had amazing sense of humour. He was able to do comedy without saying a word. His acting in Half Ticket is proof of that. He is often described as one of the greatest talent of Hindi film industry. Perhaps the only actor in India who can do comedy silently, while singing, while dancing and of course when delivering dialogues.

Kishore Kumar Bollywood Comedy Actors

3. Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar started a new style of comedy which people loved and later every actor followed it. He used his natural tone and local Indian style to deliver dialogues with perfect timing and amazing sense of humour. He was marked as one of the best comedy actors of Bollywood.

Akshay Kumar Bollywood Comedy Actors

4. Govinda

Unarguably one of the best comedy actors of Bollywood. He was the first mainstream Bollywood actor who did a lot of comedy movies and was recognized as one of the best comedians. His expression only can make you laugh and he excelled in every level of comic sense. Again like all other great comedy actors he is splendid with his dialogue delivery and facial expression.

Govinda Bollywood Comedy Actors

5. Paresh Rawal

One of the finest actors of Bollywood who has played various types of roles. But in Comedy he excelled more and became one of the finest in Hindi film. As an actor in comedy roles he showed that how only timing and dialogue delivery can make you laugh.

Paresh Rawal Bollywood Comedy Actors

6. Utpal Dutt

He is Hindi Cinema’s one of the funniest and best comedy Actors. His screen presence itself releases tension and his unique style of delivering dialogue was funny. A great Theatre artist who was a born funny.

Utpal Dutt Bollywood Comedy Actors

7. Uma Devi Khatri (Tuntun)

Famously known as Tun Tun, and only female actor in this list. She was sweet and cute and even her presence in movie make you smile. Her way of delivering dialogue made her even more adorable.

Uma Devi Khatri (Tuntun) Bollywood Comedy Actors

8. Deven Verma

An amazing actor who worked in many films in many languages. His comic timing was great and he was favourite of his times greates directors like Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Gulzar and Basu Chaterjee.

Deven Verma Bollywood Comedy Actors

9. Vijay Raj

We don’t see Vijay Raj too much in Hindi film but his each and every performance is a classic example of finest comic acting. As a comedian he is fantastic especially with his ability to deliver jokes and humorous dialogues with a serious face.

Vijay Raj Bollywood Comedy Actors

10. Johnny Walker

Originally named Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi but Guru Dutt gave him screen name Johnny Walker reference to famous Scotch Whisky Brand. His acting as a drunkard got him in limelight and he was spotted by Balraj Sahni in bus where he was doing the job of conductor.

Johnny Walker Bollywood Comedy Actors

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