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Gift Ideas for Holi

Colorful Gifts for Holi!

Gift Ideas for Holi

Exchanging gifts during festivals is more than just tradition. It is an expression of the love that we feel for our near and dear ones. However, we take recourse in cliché and come up with ideas which have quite literally been ‘done to death’! Holi is just around the corner and we do not want you to feel stumped about gift ideas for Holi this time. Therefore, we are here to share with you gifting ideas which will make your Holi even more vibrant!

For Women

1 Women love to get pampered. So when gifting them this Holi, remember this crucial point. You can give them a personal care kit or a home spa kit for Holi. It will brighten their day and they will thank you a million times!

2 In case the woman in question is a cleanliness freak, get her a home care kit. She will thank you while scrubbing those stains away!

3 Other items that women love are jewellery, vouchers for her favourite day spa, an expensive gift coupon for a fancy restaurant and any other thing that makes them feel special and pampered. So, gift away and you will not repent it!

For the Men

1 Who says men do not like gifts! They will be just as thrilled if you get something unique. A membership plan for their favourite gym is definitely something that will grab their attention. And they will need it because during Holi all of us tend to gorge on our favourite dessert!

2 Other gifts that can be given to men include Personal care kits, a nice cologne, gadgets and watches. These items rank very high in the eyes of men and this Holi you can impress them!

For the Family

1 Gifting ideas for a family are most suspect of getting boring. So this time on Holi gift your relatives or friends unique items.

2 How about a Colour bouquet? It works great for Holi and you can make it easily at home.

3 Send your loved ones a colourful Cake or Cookie box. The colours will remind them of Holi and the delectable treats will remind them of you!

For Children

1 Children love gifts. So why not surprise them something fun this Holi. Get the kids unique water guns or pichkaris or even ltos of natural colours. In this way they will have a safe and happy Holi!

2 There are many organisations that hold special events for children. Send your kid and her/his friends to one such event and they are bound to enjoy.

3 Another great gift idea for Holi is to treat the children with colourful chocolates and savouries. Kids love it and they will be very happy!

For the Elderly

1 Holi is not only for the youngsters. The elders want to have their share of fun too. Why not send your parents to Vrindavan this time? The trip to the holy Banke Bihari temple will be very enjoyable for them. And imagine the blessings that you will get in return!

2 You can also arrange a little Holi get together for the elders and let them have fun. They will love the interaction with peers and have a great time!

Holi brings with it festivities and a day of limitless fun. Make sure that this time you surprise your loved ones with a gift idea for Holi dedicated especially to them! Happy Gifting!

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