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Molestation a heinous crime: Stop Promoting It, Start Respecting Women!!


It is a shame that women are unsafe in India. Get all the latest news and updates on Crime Against Women, stop it & start respecting womens. …

Stop Crime against women!!

‘Hey! Don’t you think this dress is too skimpy for this kind of gathering?’

‘Are you sure you can easily carry this skirt to college, isn’t it too short?’

‘Don’t be late from the party, it’s not safe outside’

These are some of the statements that girls get to hear day in and day out in an Indian society. Girls who wear short clothes are not looked at with respect by a fair portion of the society. If you are too blunt and straightforward, you are considered as manner less. If you generally come back home late night, then you are too outgoing and flamboyant, you are 32 and still unmarried then maybe you are too broad minded to fit in the conservative Indian society, these are some of the justification that people have for supporting their cliché viewpoints.

According to a particular section of the society which unfortunately is in majority, if girls wear revealing clothes, they are themselves responsible for molestation and rapes that happen to them as it provokes men and staying outside homes late night gives right to the public to tease or physically harass women.

The recent cases of crime against women that were reported on New Year’s Eve in Bangalore which is considered as one of the most advanced cities in India proved that if women stay out late at night, they become a vulnerable target of eve teasing and molestation and they should better stay indoors when it is dark. This was shameful act which showed that any third person has the right to molest or outrage the modesty of a woman and can escape easily after doing such brazen acts.

On one hand, as a nation, we feel proud of the rampant progress of our country in terms of technology, education and employment etc. while on the other hand, we are still trapped in a conventional, rather orthodox mindset.

We want our girls to study, choose a career for themselves, excel and make a mark in the society then why do we impose certain conformist opinions on them which eventually restricts their growth, makes them feel insecure and pulls them back whenever they wish to do something unconventional.

If women wear short clothes, they are neither provoking men to come and molest them nor they are seducing them. What one wants to wear is his/her personal choice and a woman’s character shouldn’t be judged by her attire, while salwar kameez is considered as a decent Indian attire but a short skirt doesn’t give anyone the right to ogle or tease women.

How can we stop crime against women?

We must stop the abuse of child marriage, teenage pregnancy and domestic violence. Is there really a sense that boys and men are fed before girls and women, so that if there’s not enough milk to go around in a family, it goes first to the boys. In poor families boys are educated first. These double standards have spoilt things more.

To prevent the crime rate further speedier delivery of justice will serve as an effective solution. From 1953 to 2011, rape cases all over the country went up by 873 per cent, the only way left is to deal with the problem efficiently, expeditiously and in a specific time frame.

We must understand the fact that women are also as much of a human as men are and they feel disrespect when ill-treated or judged too much. So, do not consider woman’s attire or her flamboyant lifestyle as a ground for molestation, if you consider yourself as someone with a modern outlook then do not try to control women’s conduct, just change your thinking.

Jai Hind!

A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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