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Wonderful Features of Android That You Might Not Be Used


Google’s Android is the most widely used mobile operating system that has done a lot of neat and well-ordered things, so it is a quite difficult to keep track of the things that done by it. …

List of features in Android

Do you know that you may even be unaware of some of the wonderful and most useful features your android phone offers to you?

Instead of digging in the settings and menus to search for anything, here are the five best and exclusive features of Android that you might not be using, but you should be. These are such things that are simply hidden by default; however, a few instant taps can make them part of your range.

Read on to find out which are the exclusive features of Android:

Scheduled Do Not Disturb

Do know that Android’s Do Not Disturb (DND) system is much better than it used to be? This feature has been debuted in Lollipop as major priority notification mode; however, it was extremely confusing.

Now, the OS shows and explains things a lot simply and in well-mannered. Now, DND is easy to turn on. But would you like to do it manually all the time? No, right? Therefore, you should set-up scheduled DND on your phone.

However, the location of DND in the settings can vary, and it is generally under Sound > Do Not Disturb, but there’s maybe a shortcut in the quick settings too. Once you reach there, go into “Automatic rules” and edit one of the existing rules or develop your own.

With settings, you can have the device turn DND on and off, enabling priority notifications through, silence everything, alarms only. It is a great feature for keeping your phone quiet at night till you get up from your bed.

Screen Pinning

Let’s take one example, if one of your friends borrow your phone or you wanted to show them one picture. It would not be a license for them to go snooping; however, people are doing it anyway. But you can protect your data by activating screen pinning as this feature is enabled by default; however, it is not something that everyone will notice.

This high-end feature is obtainable from the multitasking menu on almost all phones. When you choose to go into overview mode, you can look at the bottom of the front card in your stack. There must be a pic icon. In case, if not, you should check your security settings for the screen pinning toggle.

Your android device will lock to that application once you tap the pin. You can give your phone to any friend and they will not be able to snoop around elsewhere. If you want to exit pinned mode, you need to press and hold the back button and enter your pass code. It is voluntary; however, the pass code requirement is enabled by default.

Modify the Animation Scales

For most of the parts, the latest Android phones are already feeling snappy. But after the latest launch of Nexus 5X only shipped with 2GB of RAM, there are some of the users, who left feeling a little underwhelmed by Google’s most popular product.

However, various popular phones are there that come with slower processors and only 1GB or 2GB or RAM.

The one solution to this is to alter your phone’s Window animation scale, transition animation scale and Animator duration scale from 1x to 0.5x. It is not going to make your device faster, but it will make it feel faster. You only need to do is Go to Settings > Developer options and scroll about two-thirds of the way down the list of searching the required options.

Smart Lock

As we all know that secure lock screens are highly imperative. Are you sure you want them enabled all the time when you are at home? Using Smart Lock, you can disable the secure lock based on different triggers.

The ones that are looking forward to using depend on your device. For instance, using fingerprint unlock is suitable for waking up a phone; therefore, you might want to keep that for different situations. Though, there is something for everyone is Smart Lock.

Data Usage Tracking

Google included this high-end feature way back in 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich; however, there are only a few people, who take the time to set it up. You can see this near the top of the main system settings on various devices under “Data usage” or something that is alike.

Through this menu, you can see how much mobile data has been consumed, but taking benefit of this exclusive benefit of the feature is something more than just setting a limit. First, you need to configure your place reset date and set your data cap if you have one.

Simplify Calls

Many a time, navigating through your contacts list to make a call is a quite difficult effort than you are looking to give. You can do is add a speed dial button to your home screen so that you can make call a lot easily.

For adding a number, you just should press and hold on your home screen, where you would like to add it. A menu will pop up and from there, you can choose Shortcuts and then Contact, scroll down to choose the number you want to add.

Day by day Android user base is growing strong and it has almost reached the top of smartphone market segment.

Get detailed information about your phone

You can get the detailed stats and information related to your device such as phone information, usage statistics, battery information and WiFi information by simply dialing *#*#4636#*#*. This one is handy to get the details about your phone in quick time.

Reboot your device in safe mode

As you could reboot your computer, you can also reboot your Android device in safe mode. Once you switch on your device in safe mode, all the third party applications will be disabled. In the latest Android versions, Google has provided this feature. If something goes wrong on your device you can try this mode. By enabling this mode you can troubleshoot your device. By following these instructions you can switch your device in safe mode.

* Long press the power button on your device

* Long press the power off option on the screen.

Factory reset and Hard reset your android device

Your device can be formatted in two ways which are Factory reset and Hard reset.

Hard reset: To do hard reset on your device, dial *2767*3855# from your device dialler. By doing this you can delete data from your device and also the settings on your device. Don’t try this code for testing purpose as it will not ask for any confirmation, and you loose all your things on your device.

Factory reset: By doing this your device will be formatted to factory level. To do factory reset dial *#*#7780#*#*  from your phone dialler. By doing this all the settings will go to default one and internal data on your device will be deleted.


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