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See how UberHealth can make life easy for NRIs

See how UberHealth can make life easy for NRIs

‘We care for those who care for you.’ This is the slogan of a company that should extract sighs of relief from NRIs around the world. Well, just the San Francisco Bay Area for now at least considering the large number of software engineers there who have old parents in India.

UberHealth provides senior citizens preventive health care packages in Ludhiana and the Delhi NCR region. Ajay Pal Singh, Co-Founder and CMO of UberHealth, takes immense pride in the simplicity of UberHealth’s model. “The person has to just sign up for his parents, choose a service and pay by credit card. From there onwards we take care of everything, from booking appointments to picking up your parents from home to the hospital and bringing them back. The representative will sit in during the consultations to take notes and the doctor’s feedback. We then send all the reports online to the children so they can keep a track,” says Ajay. He adds, “Our representative will help them in getting the required medications or lab tests done, too!”

That’s an Uber-duper idea!

See how UberHealth can make life easy for NRIs

The Founders, Ishan Jha and Kamal Aggarwal along with Ajay noticed a rise in the number of young adults living away from home. In fact, they themselves were in the same boat while they were working in the US. “The problem is that children are living away from home nowadays, and they need to take care of their parents. A lot of friends used to discuss that they may have to travel home to tend to their sick parents. It was difficult to find a good service to ensure that their parents are taken care of,” explained Ajay. “In fact, when we started bouncing the idea for UberHealth among people around where we worked, it was an instant hit. We immediately got queries from people when they could start using the service.”

What’s in it for the hospitals?

UberHealth has tied up with major hospitals to ensure top-notch service quality. No hospital has turned them down yet, which they are taking as a positive sign.

The fact is even hospitals stand to benefit with the partnership:

The preventive health services are going to be provided by the hospitals, which translates to business being generated for them by UberHealth.

It enables them to reach out to a larger section of people.

There’s a sense of loyalty created in the minds of the users. Any future treatments for the NRIs or even their parents may be carried out in that particular hospital chain because they’ve had a prior experience with it.

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