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Now Easier & Faster to Get India Visa – New Visa Rules Announced

Now Easier & Faster to Get India Visa

Now Easier & Faster to Get India Visa – New Visa Rules Announced

Urgent business - medical visa in 48 hours!

In an effort to give a boost to Indian tourism and business sectors, the Government of India has announced new visa rules to help those intending to travel to India to get easier and faster access to Indian visas.

Highlights of Visa Changes

From April 1, 2017 changes announced by the Government of India will make it much easier to get an Indian e-Visa. Some of the changes announced:

e-Visa to be divided into three sub categories:

  • o e-Tourist Visa
  • o e-Business Visa &
  • o e-Medical Visa

Application window now increased from 30 days before arrival to 120 days

Duration of stay increased from 30 days to 60 days

Instead of single entry, now double entry allowed on e-Tourist and e-Business visa

Triple entry allowed on e-Medical visa

Separate immigration counters at airports to assist medical tourists

Entry with e-Visa now allowed from 24 airports [previously 16 airports allowed such entry]

Additional Changes to Indian Visa

Multiple entry 5 year tourist and business visas are available to nationals of most countries from 94 Missions effective March 1, 2017. The remaining Missions will also do so in due course.

Upon urgent requests business and medical visa will be granted within 48 hours of application.

Intern (I) visa for foreigner’s intending to pursue internship in India at companies, educational institutions, NGOs with validity of the duration of the internship programme or one year whichever is less.

Film (F) visa category introduced. Maximum duration of Film (F) visa one year with multiple entry.

A copy of the press release announcing the changes is available HERE for clarification/informational purposes

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