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170 Indians Saved From Hurricane Hit Sint Maarten

Indians Saved From Hurricane ima Sint Maarten

The Indian Government confirmed on today that 170 Indians have been evacuated from the Hurricane Irma-hit Sint Maarten and has been brought to the Caribbean Island of Curacao by the special flights.

NEW DELHI: As many as 170 Indians have been evacuated from the hurricane Irma-hit Sint Maarten and brought to the Caribbean island of Curacao by special flights chartered by the Indian government.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said Indian Envoy in Venezuela Rahul Srivastava has informed that 60 other people were also evacuated along with Indians from the hurricane-hit place.

Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar had said in a tweet late last night that 110 Indians and Indian-origin evacuees were brought to Curacao from Sint Maarten.

In a series of tweets, Swaraj today said the second flight carrying 60 Indians also landed in Curacao.

"Rahul Srivastava informed that second flight also landed in Curacao with 60 Indians and 30 others from St.Maarten," the minister said on the micro-blogging site.

Sint Maarten, that is jointly administered by France and the Netherlands, was directly in hurricane Irma's path. The island suffered widespread destruction after the storm made landfall last week and wreaked havoc on the Caribbean islands.

The information was confirmed by a tweet by a External ministry official spokesperson Raveesh Kumar.

In other series of tweets Sushma Swaraj also confirmed the news of 60 people evacuated from and landed at Curacao.

Jointly administered by France and Netherlands, Sint Maarten, is being facing the rampage by the Hurricane Irma. The island had also experienced a massive destruction after a landfall last week.

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