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 Honda Brio  
Expected Price of Honda Brio
Rs 4.3 L - 6.9 L


The Japanese automaker, Honda is all geared-up to launch the Brio RS hatchback in the Indonesian markets. A report states that the Indonesian subsidiary of the company, the PT Honda Prospect Motors has registered the name Brio RS, which confirms the car will be launched in the country soon. The RS-spec Brio will remain mechanically unaltered, which is to say that it will come with the same 1.2-liter, 88PS of power and 109Nm of peak torque i-VTEC mill that is featured in the current generation of Brio.


Mileage: 16.5 Kmpl   |   Engine: 1198 cc   |   Service Cost: 8,092 /yr   |   EMI Duration: 5 yrs


This Honda Brio hatchback series is being offered only in a petrol version alone, but the variants vary according to the features integrated in them. This model was introduced in year 2011 and has been increasing its customer base gradually. The major advantage is that it is offered in a reasonable price range that can be accessed by people from all walks of life. This series is provided in six various shades to pick from that makes it look splendid. The very design of its structure itself is unique and makes one have it in mind, since its inception. The most neatly done up profile is the rear with a large windscreen being the show stopper. This screen is wide and has a wiper along with a demister and covers the entire fascia of this hatchback. This feature being unique to be found in hatchback offerings, looks quite different and makes it stand out in the competition when it comes to the external appearance. The exhaust pipe in chrome finishing is an added stylish factor given to it. An attractive tail light cluster too is fitted on either sides, just above the rear bumper. For driver's assistance, parking sensors too are equipped on the bumper. Another major highlight that it possesses is that the company is offering certain variants in this series that are integrated with the ABS technology for augmenting the braking system. This anti-lock braking system is combined with an electronic force distribution mechanism, which helps in making the grip of the vehicle strong on all kinds of roads. In order to absorb the impact that occurs when a collision takes place, the body of this vehicle is designed based on an ACE (advanced compatibility engineering) body structure. To further increase the safety quotient, dual airbags are integrated which are based on a supplemental restrain system. Further, the seat belts are enabled with pretensioners and load limiters to prevent head and chest injuries during collision. Inside the cabin, the seats that are integrated are of precise quality and superior texture of PVC based seats are offered.


The external appearance of this series is very well designed to make it look very trendy and peppy as well. The rear view especially is what makes it stand out amongst all the other offerings. The large windscreen that spreads from the spoiler to the tail light cluster occupies three quarters of the rear end. This feature is what makes it look unique and is very appealing as well. And then the frontage has a wide grille which looks very stylish. It further is painted in chrome to enhance the overall image from the front view. The bumpers both on the front as well as at the rear are painted in body color which offer a uniformity to the overall image. And then there are halogen lights that are fitted at the front which add to the style and provide better visibility. The outside rear view mirrors that are fitted on both sides of the vehicle are also layered in body color for improving the appearance. The lower variants are fitted with a set of silver steel wheels and are additionally covered with center hub caps. There are full trim wheels that are integrated into the S variant. The other variants are fitted with a set of stylish alloy wheels that enhance the overall image. At the front a pair of fog lamps are attached that make the visibility much better for the driver. The higher variants are fixed with mud guards that help in keeping the vehicle clean in all seasons. These guards are fitted onto the front and rear end too. Few variants have its center pillar in black that gives trendiness and also diversified look. All the trims have an antenna fitted onto its roof as a standard feature.

Exterior Measurements:

It has a great structure with the right amount of dimensions all over. The total length is about 3610mm and its overall width is of 1680mm. It stands at a good height of about 1500mm. The ground clearance is around 165mm and the wheelbase is of 2345mm. This is quite impressive as it results in spacious interiors.


The entire interiors of this series are designed in a beige color theme, which is quite impressive. Only the top most variant is offered with a black scheme exclusively. The seats are of very good material and are quite comfortable. The rear seat back has a hundred percent foldable facility to it, which is of great advantage. There are well placed air vents available in the compartment, which have their rings painted in chrome. Further, the gear shift ring too is layered in chrome as well. The steering wheel is offered with a garnish to it in silver that makes the cabin look much richer. While the inside door handles in the top end trims are painted in silver, the rest of the variants are layered in body color to make it more appealing further. While the E trim lacks a music system altogether, in the EX variant there is a 1-DIN audio unit with coin box that is integrated into the trims which can support multiple players. These include a a radio tuner with an antenna, which have an AM and FM functionality. It also has a CD player and an Aux-in support along with USB too. The other variants are bestowed with an advanced technology based music system which has a DVD player USB plus Aux-in ports and along with them it has an ipod support too. It has a radio tuner that has an FM and AM tuner to it. It has been blessed with a Bluetooth connectivity that is a great advantage. This is further assisted with a 15.2 inch screen, which has a touch capacity to it. Along with audio capability, it further has a visual navigation system available within it.

Interior Measurements:

The cabin has been designed to give convenience to the occupants and has been structured therefore to have a lot of space in order to make room for five occupants. And hence, the shoulder space is well provided. The leg room too has been quite generous and avoids any friction between the legs and knees to the front seats, dashboard or footrest. This is achieved by the huge wheelbase that it possesses, which is about 2345mm. Head space too is good enough where tall occupants can effortlessly sit. It has a fuel tank capacity of around 35 litres. And also it is bestowed with a boot compartment that can hold around 175 litres, which can be increased further by folding the rear seat.


This series is equipped with a 1.2-litre petrol engine that has a displacement capacity of about 1198cc. It has four cylinders and sixteen valves, which are based on a single overhead camshaft valve configuration. It can generate a maximum power of about 86.8bhp at 6000rpm and can produce a peak torque output of 109Nm at 4500rpm. It is incorporated with a programmed fuel injection fuel supply system and can manage to deliver a mileage in the automatic transmission variants of around 13.3 kmpl in the cities and 16.5 kmpl on highways. On the other hand, the manual transmission trims can deliver a fuel economy of 16.2 kmpl in cities and around 19.4 kmpl on the highways. The top speed as well as its acceleration is also quite good, when compared to other contenders.


It is incorporated with a programmed fuel injection fuel supply system and this enables to deliver an efficient mileage. The manual transmission variants can produce fuel economy of 19.4 kmpl whereas, the automatic transmission trims can deliver a mileage of about 16.5 kmpl.


It is incorporated with an i-VTEC petrol engine. It is quite efficient and can generate a maximum power of about 86.8bhp at 6000rpm and does produce a peak torque output of about 109Nm at 4500rpm.


The S, V and VX variants are integrated with an advanced technology based audio unit. This has a radio tuner with AM and FM functions. An Auxiliary input and USB port too are available in this unit. The base trim lacks a music system whereas, the EX variant is equipped with a 1-DIN audio system with a coin box that can support multiple players as well. Most of the trims are offered with four speakers. The top most variant, the VX BL is blessed with a 15.7cm touchscreen which has an audio system within it and also a visual navigation system. It can support DVD and CD plus USB and Aux-in interface as well. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity is available and ipod support too. Apart from the available equipment, a lot of other accessories too can be added to the vehicle by the buyer as per the personal requirements. Features such as body graphics can be applied to make the external appearance more appealing. A sporty set of rails can be attached to the roof and a stylish spoiler too can be attached to the rear end of the body. The mudflaps and side steps too can be added for further assistance. Apart from these, the floor mats and door visors are few other elements that offer comfort inside the compartment. An option of integrating leather upholstery is always appealing. These accessories are recommended to be availed from authorized dealers at an additional cost.


The entire series has been well equipped with safety features to make this vehicle one of the safe cars available. It is designed with company's advanced compatibility engineering body structure (ACT), which has the capacity to withstand any kinds of collision and stay intact without folding in up to maximum extent. The very first threat a vehicle can supposedly have is a theft and this has been addressed by the manufacturers by an immobilizer. This mechanism is enabled to deactivate the engine, when it identifies any unauthorized access to the vehicle. And then, as a standard feature there is an inside day and night rear view mirror fitted into the cabin. A high mount stop lamp has been integrated onto the rear windscreen of all the variants. This helps in acknowledging the other vehicles of this hatchback's presence. Additionally, a seat belt reminder is offered to the driver seat for alerting and therefore give greater safety. Furthermore, all the variants are offered with a full size spare wheel in order to be resourceful in emergencies. The higher variants are equipped with an efficient braking mechanism for greater stability and control. This constitutes of an anti-lock braking system along with an electronic brake-force distribution mechanism. The following features are offered in selected variants. These constitute a defogger that is integrated into the rear windscreen of a few trims. The front seats are fitted with seat belts that are enabled with pretensioners with load limiter. The front seats are provided with airbags that are based on supplemental restraint system.


The E and EX variants are fitted with silver steel wheels and are further covered with center hub caps. Additionally, the S trim is fixed with full trim wheels. While on the other hand, the V, VX and VX BL variants are fitted with a set of stylish alloy wheels. These rims are covered with radial tubeless tyres of size 175/65 R14. All the trims are offered with a full size spare wheel, which has a tool kit too along with it in the boot compartment as a standard feature.

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