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Exquisite Karwa Chauth Gifts Ideas for your loving Wife
Regional Names associated with Karwa Chauth Festival

In India, Karwa Chauth is one of the most popular festival specially for married women. Though the festival is much popular in Northern and Western Indian states like Punjab, U.P., Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, etc. But now the festival is known across the country for its pious rituals and reason. Inspite of being the toughest fast, Karwa Chauth is always looked forward by all the married women who observe this fast as this gives them an opportunity to wish for the long life, well being and prosperity of her husband. For a newly wed couple, the festival is celebrated with immense pomp and enthusiasm.

The Most Common and Traditional Gifts

Karwa Chauth The Most Common and Traditional Gifts

All married women welcome this festival with great fervor. Apart from the reason that it provides them with a chance to change the fortune of their husband and bless him with the luck of long life, one more reason fascinates woman to a welcome the festival with immense happiness. It is the pleasure and happiness of receiving beautiful Karwa Chauth gifts from their husbands and relatives. As the fast of this festival is considered very tough, the husband out of love brings heavy gift items to delight their darlings. The relatives of the woman also gift her those items which are generally symbols that reflects the marriage status of a woman like jewelry, bangles, henna, sarees, lehnga choli etc.

On this auspicious occasion, two most popular gifts that are certain to be gifted to the ladies who observes the fast are 'Sargi' and 'Baya'. Sargi is basically the gift of scrumptious meals, sweets and clothes presented to the woman on the occasion of the Karva Chauth day. Baya also includes of very similar things. On the first Karwa Chauth of a woman, the Sagi and Baya are extravagant and royal. Even on the Karwa Chauth in the life later on, the gifts are always precious.

Variety of Modern Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas

Karwa Chauth Variety of Modern Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas

On Karwa Chauth, all husbands reward their wives with a wonderful present for observing such a difficult fast for your well being, happiness and long life. One can choose from a variety of gifts that is a token of love that they both share. So, you should send her the most beautiful and precious gift on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. However, if you are in doubt as what to buy to please her then you can select from any of the following options.

Designer Sarees

Designer Sarees Karwa Chauth Festival

Many variety of designer sarees are available in the malls or markets to lure your wife. Designer sarees are all time favorites of woman. So, take her along with you to a beautiful saree showroom and buy her the most trendy and exclusive saree for her.

Take her on a Tour to a Beautiful Place

Take her on a Tour to a Beautiful Place

Take her out for a romantic place where you can give all your time to your wife. As you are a busy man, you hardly get time for her and she is always complaining about this. This Karwa Chauth, take her to a tour where you can explore each other once again. This will help in refreshing your relationship and strengthening the bond of love you share.

Expensive Jewelry

Expensive Jewelry

Women are very much fond of jewelries. Whatever be the age, their craving for jewelry would never come to an end. So this Karwa Chauth, please your better half and shower all your love on her by gifting her a classic jewelry set that will enhance her beauty. You can also go for an antique jewelry set which she was aspiring for long.

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