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Yogic Practices

There Are Some Tips About Yogic Practices

Since mental factors are involved in the causation of high blood pressure and sleeplessness, yogic practices play a significant role in their prevention and cure. Sat karmas (six purificatory measures namely, dhauti, basti, neti, trataka, nauli and kapala bhati including kunjala and sankha praksalana) which are performed prior to the practice of asana, etc., are primarily meant for keeping the body free from various diseases so that a person can perform yoga in its different stages. All these measures in general and sankha praksalana as well as kunjala in particular, if practiced regularly, are very useful in curing these ailments.

Hatha yoga involves eight different practices, namely, yama (practices for controlling metnal aberrations), niyama (observance of religious prescriptions), asana (practice of different physical postures), pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (withdrawal of senses from indulgence in their objects), dhyana (meditation), dharana (concentration) and Samadhi (deep meditiation in a state of trance). Practice of all these steps in not possible for the average householder. The least he can do it to practice kunjala (one of the measures for cleaning the body by taking saline and tepid water, and bring it out), savasana (one of the physical postures in which the individual lays himself in the form of a deed body), and pranayama (breath-control). These are to be performed under the supervision of an expert on the subject; hence details are not being described here. By scientific experiments under controlled conditions, these measures have proved to be useful in the prevention and treatment of sleeplessness and high blood pressure. Other forms of yoga such as bhakti yoga, in which a devotee offers respectful prayers in the form of group songs (sankirtana) and chanting of mantras with devotional music are also very useful for these ailments.

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